BBQ Military

grilling meat with the scrambled egg getting cooked up at the BBQ Military in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Living in Tsuen Wan is indeed rewarding in so many ways. Despite the beautiful view from my window every morning, reaching the city will just take me 20-30minutes tops via train where I usually get seated since Tsuen Wan is a starting point. Later on, I discovered the eateries that surrounded it and the different restaurants that offer great food, great experience at a very practical price.

BBQ Military is located at 18/F, Tai Hung Far (Tsuen Wan Centre), 55 Chung On St., Tsuen Wan

Being a mom, I am on the lookout for affordable food around Hong Kong where the serving is decent, the place is clean and selections are delicious. One go-to Korean all-you-can-eat BBQ place that I came across recently was the BBQ Military. They not only serve delicious and clean meat to roast but the sea foods are fresh. For a price less than HK$180/person, it is worth the long wait and the service they have to offer. Why?

According to, all chefs are Korean because the Korean owner, living in Hong Kong, aims to stand out with its authentic Korean dishes and flavour.

I loved their beef in particular. The oysters were so juicy and sweet because they’re so fresh. The egg around the grill that softly cooks to perfection heightens up my anticipation each time and so does my daughter’s. And there’s something about their lettuce. They’re yellow green nature attracts me and with every bite, a satisfactory crunch of it is complimented by the ground beef’s burnt taste. I fill my night with a bowl of stir-fry noodles that I share with my daughter whose favourite includes noodles. One of my friends ordered a cold noodle soup and I thought it was interesting to taste. The radish gave it a strong aroma and was oddly cold but it tasted quite rich in flavour.

a uniquely flavoured authentic noodle soup: Korean chefs had cooked it cold

They have an array of juices, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. Bringing your own wine isn’t allowed. There’s also free tea and tap water upon request.

It’s amazing how each griller has a corresponding exhaust tube that safely sucks the smoke so that the floor won’t be too hazy. Each seat is also efficient as it is a second hand drum that you can put your stuff in it for a comfortable and secure seating. The entire floor was converted commercially to accommodate 200 people in total. It’s best to make an online reservation or by phone to be assured of a table for you and your loved once you reach the place. The restaurant is open from 12nn to 12mn. They also could arrange a cake for birthday celebrants upon reservation. From the Tsuen Wan MTR station, take exit B1 and take the lead to Tsuen Wan Centre.

BBQ Military has quite an ambiance

The interior of the place justifies its name. The theme is there and may I say it’s the first time somebody thought of something like this in Hong Kong. 5 out of 5 stars for such creativity because it gives you a feel of a laid back dining experience considering the small space it got. My husband remarkably says that he likes eating here and his recommendation is not easily given. I can’t help but be cautious of how fire could just spread though as I look at the place. It’s pretty extreme but maybe because I’m a mom, I get paranoid at times. My husband found a silly corner where a photo moment is possible. Here’s a snapshot of that moment!

They accept VISA, MasterCard and Cash for payment. Consider 10% service charge with your bill.

To those who aim to have a different dining experience yet a comfortable and satisfying eat-all-you-can roasted meat, check what BBQ Military has to offer. They even have free wifi service!

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