Mother Nature joins Apple in its meeting to check on its promise released in 2020. Let’s take a peek at Apple’s dream for 2030.

In line with many companies that have awakened to the planet’s need for change, Apple is compelled to deliver on a promise. Releasing it in 2020, they counted 10 years of achieving the goal of going carbon neutral.

It was not long ago that I attended the Redress Design Awards. For my third year of compliance, I was surprised that a former colleague was the person to issue a press ID to me. We took a chance to quickly catch up remembering how we knew each other. She wrapped it up with a curious question, “you’re not teaching anymore?” she asked. I answered, “Still.” But then she asked me, “But you’re doing this for?”

I contemplated on the thought as to why I put effort into attending this event each time. Coming from a day-long refresher course for my current job that day in Wan Chai, I admit was tired. I could have just taken the other bridge to lead me to the bus station to go straight home. But I couldn’t resist the chance of writing about Centrestage which is happening just a few blocks away. Witnessing it again, with facial masks off, was a chance I could not bear to let go. All because I share with its simple pursuit, saving the earth.


I wasn’t sure what I would get away from it but I do know this. Journalists always have a north star when it comes to featuring a story. That is, to send out a message.

You see, right now, I’m at the time of my life where I understand that life is about living with a purpose. We ought to realize, that there’s more to just keeping a job, or earning lots of money. As you grow older, maturity comes out of the shell in many ways. Mine was, I would like to be part of something important.

Being a journalist who aims to inspire, I came across an ad that I thought had just done the job.

Think and Grow Rich” encouraged its readers to declare the mission they’ve assigned themselves by having a tangible representation of it. To remind you each time, have a mood board pinned on an area like the door or mirror that you see every day or a charm that you could put by the bedside table. That way, you’ll be directed to making it happen. And that’s just what Apple had done in these ads.

Amazingly, they are already announcing, with just 3 years in, some developments. Check this out!


Yet again, they did it! What a collaboration! How magnificent it is that the very product I use in writing this could contribute to the earth getting saved. I personally hail what they did and what a way to attract consumers! Who wouldn’t want a carbon-neutral product???

I was in awe of Ryan Reynolds’ brilliant brain behind the ad during the COVID era with his “Match Made in Hell” commercial. It hit the spot for a dating app that with it, anything could be possible in the name of matchmaking. Take a minute to look and let me know what you think.


Don’t you agree that he had just set the bar there? While it’s impossible to beat, here comes Apple’s Dream banging the drums! With a message right there on the screen, “COME JOIN US IN SAVING THE EARTH!” Almost saying it in your face. With Redress Awards, they were encouraging circularity, making each consumption count. Magically, Apple combines consumerism with helping out in managing a distressed earth.


We all know that we can partake in these efforts to keep the earth in its tip-top shape. We have to take action to consume responsibly. As a parent myself, finding little ways could be the key.

I am starting to plant a seed within my kids to be aware of one, how much rubbish they are generating. Second, how to minimize its harmful effects by reducing, recycling and reusing and third, is to be aware of who produces what you consume. Aim for those who are observing mutual respect in preserving our planet.

One thing I learned when I was practising as a nurse was, “Prevention is better than cure.” I specified the parents as the very source of education because this is where it begins. The kids will be inheriting the earth we live in. So preventing excessive harmful effects by the way we consume now will be transferred to the next generation. They’re looking up to us.


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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