Experience something different this Christmas season. Watch Fatu Mole Pasifika sizzle onstage with hips swooshing around to the beat of the drums. The Polynesian group will do heart racing slap dance, fire-knife dance and Tahitian dance at Life Base, Pui O.

The place where Nas Daily featured the ‘Real Tarzan‘, Jason, will be the site for the said event. Come and visit Life Base the evening of December 23, 2018 for a one-of-a-kind entertainment show.

From the release of the movie, Moana, featuring the Polynesian chieftess herself, people became curious and drawn to the rich culture of the islands. Hong Kong had welcomed the gentle giants hosting many rugby union clubs. And last summer, the first rugby league tournament was held here in the country. Not to mention, a Hawaiian-descent Jason Momoa. With the release of Aquaman, had garnered US$93.6 million when it opened in China alone.

Now, watch the Fatu Mole Pasifika, where international fire-knife competitors grace the evening with heart-racing choreography this December 23, 2018!

Native from Samoa, New Zealand, Philippines and Hawaii, performers showcase their traditional dances. In addition to their authentic drum beats is their aim to share the culture and heritage of the islands. With an aim to welcome everybody as family, the Christmas breeze and the full moon cater to a wonderful night to remember. No entrance fee is required but feel free to give how much you can.

This will help the Life Base cater to events like these as well as workshops for kids during the day. These workshops include learning how to play musical instruments, doing cultural dance, understanding nature and importance of recycling and many more. To understand what Life Base is all about, here is the feature that Nas did while he was in Hong Kong.



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