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NETFLIX recently released its interactive content where viewers become a part of the series they are watching. It is a fun new way of experiencing the streaming platform’s services where you make choices for the characters. These choices lead to you shaping the end of the story.

Netflix takes advantage of being one of the pioneers in the game-changing experience for online streaming service. It started as a library of DVD’s and Blue Ray movies for rent available online. Now, they continuously progress into producing its original shows and movies while it remains as the most-sought after online-media provider. It now holds 154 million subscriptions including free ones for the first month.

People gained access to their favorite reruns made available in their online screens from 2011. We speak of access whenever and wherever they wanted with these subscriptions. As it became bigger and better, more popular than ever, it created a remarkable revenue for its business creators and the demand continuously remained high by the consumers.

The newest hit in the entertainment industry transformed daily TV to an on-the-go TV. It boomed from having invested of only US$2.5 million from (when it started) to an increasing net sales of US$1.211 billion dollars at the moment of writing this (2018, WIKIPEDIA). This perpetuated them in taking the online media streaming service in a whole new level with INTERACTIVE NETFLIX.


NETFLIX knows that with this much of a challenge with Disney + coming out this year, after it merged with FOX studios owning a lot of production companies, they cannot stay relaxed and satisfied just yet.


from the first success of INTERACTIVE NETFLIX, Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch…

It is the newest innovation that will take you to a whole new level of experiencing a show. It basically is made interactive asking you to shape out the ending by letting you choose what the lead should do in a certain scenario.

Depending on the series, you normally are inclined to watch, there might still be a limitation to the choices made available.

Starting with a morbid episode called Bandersnatch, written by the creator of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, the interactive style of viewing this show sent out a realistically horrific vibe, psychologically disturbing undeniably because of that much audience involvement. After its successful release as something new and unusual, Bear Grylls followed it up with You vs. Wild where most decisions revolved around adventurous tasks and survival skills.

My daughter instantly got hooked when we watched an episode about saving a dog. Her friend recommended this show to her and that’s how we got hold of Netflix Interactive.

This takes a lighter approach on the interactive experience from Bandersnatch in terms of consequences by allowing you to see the ending. And then, it will just encourage you to choose the right way after all. This particular series by Bear is certainly rated good for the family.


It’s available for kids as well. It lets them experience its interactive hold through mazes, games and maps. It offers more fun and colorful choices. Enlisted kids’ interactive shows are Minecraft, Puss in Boots, Stretch Armstrong, Buddy Thunderstruck and of course, You vs. Wild. Pretty sure, the list would add more to hold as much subscription as it becomes off-limits to basically everything that Disney owns.

Minecraft could help in increasing your child’s logical processing. I believe it would because they usually need to solve a puzzle or riddle before passing a scene.


Taking a closer look to how this had emerged is like combining television with social gaming. Two of the most highest paid in e-commerce today. Interfaces like this eat up millions of money to get developed, yet it is still a start-up industry if we’re talking about this product per se.

I personally think writing these programs can actually cause a human insane (You will get me if you have seen Bandersnatch). And I am sure they would fix the lag in their system to input the choice made. But hey, it’s still working actually. I do not doubt that this will be utilized more. But for now, when I watch something, I want to relax. I want the story to unfold to me. If I get involved in choices that would create an ending based on it and I always have to sit up to reach the controller, no thank you. 

Since the stories are interesting, perhaps I would want to see one more episode, but to choose it over a laidback movie, N to the No… Try and let me know what you think.


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