You may find the articles posted here to be serving these three action words: LEARN EARN BURN, being our mission.


To achieve this, I assigned it to be something that I could collectively gather my experiences. Stories and articles talk about real information. And whether this information may serve you or not, it aims to share.

The posts will side on encouraging and inspiring notes. Regarding different products and services, it will appear as a consumer review, an opinion, an analysis or an overview – in general. I will also share stories about parenthood, entertainment, being a wife, being a Filipina, and many more. And that’s the beauty of not belonging to a single niche. Embracing complexities encourage life’s mysteries.

I would always feature anything that is inspirational, phenomenal and extraordinary. I encourage you to show acknowledgment or criticism through the comment box. But at all times, bashing and provocative words will be discouraged and dishonored.


Shared opportunities in the form of audition announcements, job opportunities, and posts that would help you earn non-monetary benefits would be posted here. Non-monetary benefits include connection, skill, respect, and trust. I’d be grateful if, at any time, it will lead you to a renewed path and promising future. I am reminding you though that it is your will and God’s blessing that brings you to places. Like what my prayer always asks, may I be a tool in bringing forth fortune your way whether financially or spiritually.


This is the most substantial and personal part of my website. It is all about encouraging and empowering that I know we all need a daily dose of. It may tackle life’s challenges like creating a habit or maintaining an exercise regime. Learning how to deal with consequences as we make life decisions may be such a blow. With a hope to ease the load, read on my blog entries.

I don’t have all the answers. At one point, I will be opening the channel to guest writers. They will share their thriving moments with an aim to empathize and give resolution through awareness and a community build-up.