CHANEL WONDERLAND recently launched a pop-up walkthrough at Capitol Centre, Causeway Bay. A holiday magic that is like no other showcased its array of fragrances and beauty cosmetics featuring a unique experience for shoppers.

CHANEL WONDERLAND EVENT aims to give a unique shopping experience to spectators with a touch of a trending pop-up.

From the reception facade with a golden ticket and a mini-map at hand, it was certainly impressive walking into the event. The glistening decor certainly made noise when I made my way through the pop-up store. Everything was in the shade of white, black and sparkling gold. Pure luxury as I walked through and of course, there were the mesmerizing scents of their perfume and pine tree.

While holding the golden ticket, a Chanel button awaits for a free gift. You could decorate a cute tote or a sling bag with it. But what caught my attention were the friendly reminders that came in steps. It said:

Step 1

Discover a selection of exceptional gifts

Truly, you would see fine products in the short video where an array of hues and shades are lined up to tickle the eyes. Choose a bold colour or a simple one, surely you will still stand out with its unique branding and packaging while you’re in the process of retouching. A friend would surely be blown with the sense of style you’re passing should you give it as a gift as well. Extraordinary, that’s what they would feel.

Step 2

Pair your gifts with a greeting card

I included a shot of the posh writing corner at the end of the Chanel Wonderland tour where pens with a black and gold finish are ready to write a sweet note to compliment your selection. I highly recommend their perfumes being the best products, backed up by their staff, for you to attach these sweet luxurious greeting notes with. Tie it with a classic black ribbon and a staff would envelope it with the whisp of the selected scent as a seal.

Step 3

Personalize them with an iconic symbol

Here could be the best chance to seal it with the free Chanel button gift. And if it’s for your partner or better half, you can just leave a kissmark using a timeless and elegantly red lipstick.

Real talk

Luxurious brands can be a good investment but “How to Look Expensive” got some good pointers to consider. While we want to pamper ourselves every now and then, do you consider chanel a good indulgence? Given the resources, which amongst the beauty products of Chanel, would you get for yourself? Do you think they are worth it? Why and why not? I’m all ears with what you think. Leave it at the comments below and feel free to share your opinion about the event.

Chanel Wonderland Pop Up, Causeway Bay


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