Roger Frampton, International Model, TED Speaker, Corrective Exercise Coach, GQ Grooming Awards 2017 Judge and a Sports Science Enthusiast

Many judge models as being limited to owning only the perfect facial bone structure, the perfect chiseled abs and having heavenly legs that walk on clouds even if it’s a downward slope of a concrete stage (with the smoking machine, carrying heavy costumes on heels) they are walking on. But there’s more to these physical gifts like that of Roger Frampton’s brain, commitment and discipline as he gives out this TED talk about being an expert in sports science. Hear what he has to say about sitting down to much, S and J-shaped spine and why we have relearn our 3-year old selves again.

With an ingenious exercise regimen he had developed himself along the many preparations he had to do for summer wear bookings, he puts up a coaching guide for you all. Click here to register to his daily workouts that may save you money.

Now that’s not too bad to watch was it? A little inspiration in the morning wouldn’t hurt! Now on to your planks, burpees and running! #LaidbackTuesday ends with this video, so get up from your ass and work ’em glutes!

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