Stories about princesses were made by creative minds that aim to inspire, empower and dedicate.

These Disney princesses are known for their distinct look, unique bone structure and groundbreaking stories.

Hayden Williams is yet another creative mind that deserves recognition with how he expresses his vision of these icons in a different limelight. He draws them and stylises them modernly and the outcome is addicting to look at. I can’t help but click away using Pinterest.


Do you remember how she willing-fully laid down her head for the guillotine in the famous storyline of the Disney movie, “Pocahontas” for John Smith? Though based on a true story, here’s something we ought to know. It was not true. It didn’t happen.

Trivially, the English captured Pocahontas during the Anglo-Indian hostilities way back 1600’s. They took her to collect ransom but when she had the chance to escape, she chose to stay in England. She got married to a Tobacco planter and bore a son. Wikipedia could suffice you with the complete telenovela.

Hayden stylised Pocahontas with a mini braid, colourful ensembles, arm band, feather hair accessory and wooden platforms. All of these depict her persona based on the movie but the cheekbones are modernly emphasised by the contour and the hoop earrings says millennial!!!!


The story of Hua Mulan has inspired many stage plays and movies. Disney’s Fa Mulan follows the same storyline, Hua Mulan took his aged father’s place in the army secretly. This empowers the character so much but Hayden concentrated on keeping her delicate with a flower on the hair and a dainty hue palette for her clothes.

Her purse seems to have dragon designs and I thought that was just exemplary and dominating. The story of Hua Mulan is treated more as a legend than a historical person. Despite that, we know her for her courage, bravery and determination.


A good example for any woman her age, Tiana has a determined spirit of making her dreams come true. She encourages everybody to first believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, who would dare believe you? And that if you want something so bad, you work hard for it.

Effortlessly, this beautiful heart of hers paved the way into something bigger than life itself. To be loved. Hayden designed a cute outfit for Tiana here that almost looks like most of Queen Bey’s line up of clothing. FYI, Queen Bey ranks as the highest-paid female vocal artist this year. And with how hard-working she was like Tiana, nobody would dare say she didn’t deserve that. Nor would anybody dare say that she can’t be the next voice for Nala.



It’s interesting how Hayden considered Cinderella’s vibe to represent the high people of the fashion industry. Well, I guess to associate Cinderella’s status right before her parents died. And right after the hardship she had to go through with her step mother and sister. This is a little reminder that what challenge you have to go through, “this too shall pass” ….


Big haired, youthful and a beach lover. The spontaneous spirit of Ariel complements Hayden’s love for colors, jewels and make up. Ariel starred in “The Little Mermaid” whose story started with her aim to live life to the fullest. Some viewers may have perceived it reckless but let’s admit it. We can label them as much but deep inside, we envy them on how they all ended happily ever after.

In pursuit of true love, Ariel proves that the biggest why we all ought to have, is LOVE. And nothing else. With how she went through all the challenges to prove to Prince Eric that she’s the one who saved him one tragic night, she had shown great bravery in pursuit of LOVE. The greatest force in the world!


Forever prim and proper yet confident and smart. Hayden Williams did not hold back in exposing Belle differently with more skin and legs with this design. However, the cut for the sleeve of the chiffon type cover up remains demure and sensitive. The flower hook by the waist gives a break to the flow of the yellow chiffon but not totally covering the clogs.

The book-worm yet adventurous Belle is well represented here with the contrast of yellow and pink. Her curly hair was let down with the sultry eyes.

As normal people, Belle was modernised by this balance that we long for each time we lay on bed. We don’t know this but we breathe on this everyday. As expected, people are complex beings and we love dimensions. We look for solitude because we own a soul that needs to be nurtured more than the physical body. We search our purpose. And we long for happiness but what we actually yearning for is satisfaction.

“I want adventure in this great wide somewhere!!!!”, says Belle. She sang this in the movie somehow giving a metaphor of putting out in the universe what we would want to do with our lives. What we deeply want in our hearts with a hope that the universe will pave the way to the solution. Those who could relate to Belle on this, you need to know this is what made Belle’s story extraordinary.


Power, riches and beauty can never over-rule a good heart. Jasmine is the sultan’s daughter and heiress in the movie, “Aladdin”. One of the conflicts of the story arose when she sneaked out the palace to have a feel of being a commoner. Hayden’s design though gives Jasmine a hard time getting unnoticed though.

Jasmine’s style here shows how golden her heart is. A true princess lies in her intentions, the way she considers the people below her and most of all, how she sees all the people of her kingdom as important as the ones who hold its pillars. She is pro-equality where female leaders should have a voice the same way men do.



Princess Aurora’s strong jaw, pink dress and long blonde mane suggests royalty, no question. But her parents was humble enough to ask the three little fairies to look after her to avoid Maleficent’s revengeful curse. The movie imparted a great lesson here. It tells us that no matter how powerful you are, you will be tested about how rightful you are to take hold of it. By leading you to circumstances that you will be needing a huge deal of help to be reminded that nobody overpowers anybody. Not by status, race, or money.


Check out Rapunzel’s purple doll dress in contrast with her gleaming huge green eyes. With the struggle in her to stay safe or to follow her curiosity, Hayden seems to have confirmed she’s still very young and needs restriction. The knee-high socks, the added vest over the long-sleeved doll dress and the flower by the ear emphasizes a fresh staple in approaching the design for Rapunzel.


The last but not the least, Snow White completes the list of Disney princesses. Together with most of the styles I have featured to complete this post, Snow White in this bathing suit ensembles is from Hayden Williams Disney Divas ‘Beach Beauties’. It perfectly represented the original dress of Snow White. The red bow, blue 2-piece high-waist swimsuit, the yellow silky bottom cover and the apple on the tote bag.

Snow White’s story is also as tragic as Cinderella’s for becoming a helper in their own palace when their parents died. In the case of Snow White, her kingdom. On top of the evil queen had planned to have her killed because of her beauty, dealing with her cruel highness every day is something unbearable.

Yet again, Snow White shows great humility by choosing to live with 7 dwarves in the forest that in the palace that breathes on anger, resentment and black magic. In our case today, bitterness, absence of social empathy and negativity in general.

The greatest lesson, it’s ok to have a small circle of trusted friends. It’s alright if you just have enough in life namely, food on the table, roof on your head and family to share these with. You don’t need riches to be a great person. You can be one with kindness in your heart, humility in seeing through life situations and happiness to spare without expecting anything in return.


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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