An elephant’s intelligence resembles that of the primates’. Elephants belong to the species of elephantidae. But they belong to the class of mammals. Like humans, their young feed on their mothers’ mammary glands of milk. We also share traits of deep regard in terms of showing empathy, communicating and treating our family. But we push them to go extinct as Asian locals abuse them during training.

The kind of species it belongs to remains to be the only one living and walking among us. The mammoths, deinotheres, gomphoteres, and mastodons had gone extinct. Sadly, a broken spirit pushed the remaining elephants to survive and thrive. The Asian elephants particularly became working animals.

A video of a tourist, interviewing some key people to share the fact that an elephant never forgets, throws an opinion. The training grounds revealed a lot of things. Wondering how they stay when you take pictures with them? It shows here how.

Researchers recognise three kinds of elephant species to be living on earth right now. The (1) African bush elephant, the (2) African forest elephant and the (3) Asian elephant. Their big flappy ears, long dexterous trunks and pillar like legs that support their weight remain its general characteristics.

The bulls (male species) leave their family once they reach puberty. They often live alone or with other males. The only time they socialise is when they need to mate or when there’s a high level of testosterone and aggression to set territorial dominance. The cows (female species) give birth to the (young elephants) calves. The calves remain to be the centre of attention. It needs nurturing up to three years. Elephants can live up to 70 years.

Belonging to the mammals, they drink milk as calves, they hover and travel in a familial herd. They have self-awareness and grieve on family members’ death and misery.

That being said, the young calves separated traumatically from their parents and family to be trained doesn’t not just break their hearts, but also their spirit. Also, the people who send a movement against ivory trade, animal maltreatment and breeding for black market trade take a stake.

Today, African Elephants are considered vulnerable by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) while Asian Elephants are considered extinct. – WIKIPEDIA 

The more tourists demand to experience elephant trail, circus shows and picture-taking, more and more calves get separated from their parents.


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