Halloween make-up suggestions were never this attainable.

Pinterest, Google images and YouTube are massive source engines of inspiration every time Halloween season kicks in. I, myself had researched and I would like to share these ideas your way.


Besides the planned costume, these make-up ideas will put an instant umph to it. With the right intent as well, portraying the role you meant to do will become easier when your make up is well blended and matches perfectly. Although these ideas are just all about make-up, I may suggest a thing or two with what goes best with each.


X-men’s Ororo Monroe, a.k.a. Storm could be taken into a personal flight with this make up idea by Venomous Vanity. A pure black cloak covering an all-white fitted get up could do well with this. And it could work out with hair down or your entire do up on a clean bun. Don’t forget to gear up with toy weapon accessories to complete the look!


Now this particular make up by GirlGreyBeauty could actually go for different roles. You could be an arsonist because it’s like smoke is coming from the green eye shadow that somehow denotes burning forest. It could be Poison Ivy if you’d finish it with a bright red glossy lip stain because the black steam effect could stand up for that poisonous aftershock. Up to you which direction you want to bring this to but it’s simple, doable and fierce.


Your chi greatly depends on the balance of yin and yang. Pair up this make up with a cheongsam, and you’ll be that mysterious Chinese woman that keeps its power hidden and well-charged. It’s an interesting entity because it seems to be the balance of both good and evil.


A lot of effective work up but this puts you on an instant goddess level. Choose carefully the adhesive you will use with the embellishments for extra 3D effect. Consider bodily sweat to make sure that it would stay intact. Match it with a white dress and let your creativity extend from the make up to your dress. Paint on it replicating the make up from above into massive moons and planets. If you find patching rewarding, you can decorate your dress further by buying patches of heavenly bodies and attaching them on. You would be an instant stand-out with this one!


You can make your dream come true of becoming a unicorn at last! The colors in this make up ensembles is so cool because of the rainbow effect and the glow it could instantly give your look. Again, just dress up in something white, glam it up with hoofs of your own and voilà! You’re ready to party and make a statement! Remember to keep the lashes simple once the whole make-up is achieved.


You think this make up idea could be complicated but actually, it’s all just stencil. May I suggest, cutouts of a sun and moon crescent. Firstly, seal the eyebrows off with glue and foundation and voilà, your canvas is ready.

Fill in cream eye color yellow for the sun on the right side, and clown white for the moon on the left. Seal it with a good setting powder then decorate so. Notice bigger sequins on the right for the sun with matching shouting eyelashes. On the left eye, glitters gave it a nice 3D effect with matching mascara black on the right parts and white on the rest. There’s no need to put eyelashes for the night side to keep it simple and lustrous.

Notice the diffused shadowing around the stencilled shapes to give it depth and to emboss the figures. The rest of the face make-up are kept on the least to let the heavenly bodies take the lead.

Bleach your hair to keep the sequins and the starts effective up until the shoulders. Play with a tube top to flaunt the rest of the make up. Most importantly, have fun and the shape of the sun doesn’t necessarily limited to this pattern.


With rising rentals for fins at famous beaches like Boracay, Phuket and Bali, this make up had to be in the list for its convincing effect of the scales. Here, a wig cap or net stockings is revealed as the secret for such magnificence. Simply decorate your hair with shells, plan the pearly bustier to go with it and let that fin skirt flow. Also, don’t forget to follow @monicarosemua in Ig!


In the name of the box office movie that came out this year, Wonderwoman is one of the hottest female icon to portray this Halloween. It made an appeal on both man and woman!

Observe how simple this make-up is for you to do once you’re decided to be the powerful her. You won’t be needing a headdress even because it’s an all-in make-up! Just clean your eyebrows, invest on a pretty decent eye putty for your theatre eyelashes and grow that mane and curl it just right at the end. I wish you luck with that much glitters to work out with as you fill up your forehead, creases and lips.


This invests on glitters too. Take off the chains, and the make-up was made simply anyway. Instead of curling the ends, iron your hair smoothly for it to avoid getting tangled with the headdress. Compliment your look with a standard Egyptian dress and you could fool any pharaoh into loving you.

The delicate eyeshadow could be done even without a stencil, just relax in extending the liner curl to your cheeks. Notice that it’s done only on one side. Also, to finish your make up, the nude lipstick should be applied of a shimmer in the middle of both upper and lower lip to make it even more plump than ever.


The simplest of all make-ups, but the most challenging to do. It’s because the face should be able to squint and smile and act emotions out but with this much crystals, it is almost impossible. Depending on how familiar you are with your skin folds, apply foundation and everything else before gluing everything on. It is advisable as well to dress up first in what you plan to wear and do the crystals last. This is to avoid contact to it and increasing the chances of displacing them or rummaging the pattern you’ve done.

Allure suggests DUO Eyelash Adhesive for these small facial embellishments. I have tried them during performances under four different seasons and proven, it is waterproof. Dancing with this make-up is ok but just take caution as you build up some sweat.

Glass lips are the perfect match for this simple radiant make up and it can actually depend on which color of crystal you decide to dominate.


This particular make-up can be seen subjectively. The name I had given it is just the first thing that popped in my mind upon seeing this for the first time. The design is truly artistic, it’s almost like a face paint. Notice that the eyebrows were completely covered. This calls for expert make up artists but to pull an amateur look, just alter the parts that you may find difficult. This is just a guide of what you could pull through but you should not feel limited to it as an artist.

The black turban compliments the intricate flow of the geometry that filled the face. But then the earrings highlighted it more. Find an ensemble that could imitate a genie’s outfit. Substitute a gypsy’s jingly scarves if you can’t find any.


Hagai Avdar is one of the many fantasy make-up artists that bravely embraces creativity at its utmost potential. They play with colors, accessories while keeping his usual eye trademark. Just like in fashion, outrageous trends emerge while the traditional clean shadowing, lining, baking and contouring are done sacredly.


To those who have very fine motor skills that they could make their hands decorate this kind of design without jittering, do this! It is simple, it is elegant, it’s minimal by honouring monochrome hues but it still has that pop-up touch by completing the make up with tiny embroidered flower accessories.

Highlights were done with gold shimmer and eye shadow on the T-Zone, the eyes, and the middle part of the lips. What makes this look so strong is the bald head of this pretty woman. It shows balance of structure and flow.

If you would look closely, the model actually is a white woman. So the black thing is make up. Interestingly, the black had made it more beautiful of a canvas that give the look its greatest effect.

Halloween is a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves through role-playing. Hong Kong goes crazy about this more than any celebration. Lan Kwai Fong is swarmed annually by party-goers in full costume with 100% dedication. For a decade that I had been here, my only advice is to wear not too much of high heels and to guard your personal belongings because guaranteed, even if you don’t end up drunk, it gets crazy for other people. So, just have a small body bag that you don’t have to put down as you party.

Other than that, have fun, make it a memorable year and take a lot of photos.


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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