World class talent is one of the strongest suits of the Filipinos. Maybe it’s due to their resilience of sustaining professionalism mixed with happiness even if faced with adversity and challenges. Just recently, NAS Daily had featured a Filipino who lives in Hong Kong because of the very same reason.

Spare a few minutes to watch this! Because believe it or not, the rest of the post is just how he may have been led to such fate of getting satisfied.

So, here’s the thing. Jason may have gotten the life that he is passionate for through an audition. He turned financial limitations into something beautiful by being able to create something on his own. Better yet, he didn’t depend on money for his own happiness. Straight up, you inevitably need money as means to an end…. or a lot of them. So how do you sustain a life that keeps your freedom intact, allowing you to do what you love to do. Allowing you to live the dream life?

This might help!

If you got what it takes, why hesitate!

Best of luck! Stay happy!


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