Valentine’s Day at Mu-Lan Spa and Pizza Express

Valentine’s Day had always been the time of the year where an average of US$130/per person in America is spending to treat their loved ones of a present in the name of love. This year, 2017, 417 Hong Kong residents were surveyed. On average, each had spent HK$2,200, buying their loved ones a gift, jewellery or dinner. My husband and I thought that it’s not just love for somebody that should be celebrated but also the love for our own selves and so we had decided to go on a non-traditional date: a dinner and a spa. Thanks to American Express (AE) for a great idea.

Being a current member of AE, we were gifted of a discount coupon for Mu-Lan Spa so we found a great opportunity to try full body massages. Booking the TST branch was the best option for us because besides it being convenient, we could go for a scrumptious dinner to end the day.

Mulan Spa’s ginger tea


Mu-Lan Spa is a member of IL COLPO GROUP that does hair, nail and provides spa services. We booked the one at Suites 910-913, 9F, World Commerce Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

You see, my husband and I are not fans of massage. The one we last had, was at the Om Spa of Regal Airport Hotel. Their service was superb so we kind of have that as our basis to compare with our expectation of Mu-Lan Spa. Every time a day’s hard work takes its toll on us, we always find ourselves talking and dreaming about that fine experience.

As we enter to Mu-Lan Spa, warm smile and great attitude greeted us. The staff encouraged us to relax as they readied the room for us. Further instructions were given as to where to put our clothes. We were given ample time to get ready and the assistant oriented us of the facilities we can use including the shower room where we can wash off afterwards. Ginger tea, iced tea and bottled water were offered as complimentary drinks as we get into the zone.

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This is how a single room looks like in Mu-Lan Spa.

My husband chose a deep tendon massage, called Chinese Acupressure Massage and I chose a lymphatic draining one called, Aromatherapy Massage. I was kind of upset when the oil used didn’t have a scent when it’s actually called an “Aroma”-therapy massage. But since the service itself was 100% A-OK, I totally ignored the “Wait! Why doesn’t this aromatherapy massage use scented oil?” dilemma. The room is well-lit exuding warmth and sense of tranquility. As soon as the masseuse started, I had completely ignored my husband and got succumbed to the Mu-Lan Spa’s spell. After 55 minutes of the much long-awaited breather, I didn’t feel the usual heavy, beaten up aftermath. Instead, my husband and I looked at each other from a shallow nap and agreed unanimously that it was such a little piece of heaven. So, to those who love not only their spouses, but also themselves, this is a fabulous find you all! It doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day to pamper your bod and your loved ones’. Trust me, this is a good gift.

Check it out by booking either the Tsim Sha Tsui branch (3107-2028) or the one in Crawford House Central (3102-0208). Expect to spend HK$700 up for at least an hour of world-class service.


I was trying to indulge on a good view of the pier but this photo doesn’t give it justice. Just ask for a window seat when you get to Pizza Express. This was taken a day after Valentine’s Day. I love how not crowded it was.

Spa and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc followed the massage. With a good view and most of all, good company, my husband, we finally had time to just sit down and relax, inhale the view and the time that I experienced with him that afternoon almost stood still. When you have a toddler, you would know how much time standing still is a luxury.

We didn’t need to be all fancy but it was a good afternoon to spend together and just chill. I have to mention that loyalty had favoured us on Valentine’s Day because of another form of discount from being a 10 year customer of the mobile network, 1010. They upgraded my membership with “The Club” to a platinum and to my surprise, it offered a good 10% discount as you dine in one of their partners, Pizza Express. We indulged on this platter.

Classic Italian Antipasto, Pizza Express

Our blessed fate didn’t end up there. After my Samoan husband gulped down 2 pizzas, half of this platter and some of my pasta, we agree to walk up to 1010 putting the food we devilishly indulged in to use. We mean to settle our dues anyway. Little did I know, my plan was going to end already this month and that I can avail of a free iPad and an iPhone 7  provided I’d renew another contract with lesser monthly payment than what I was paying for 2 years. It was such a great privilege alright.

Loyalty reaps rewards. This metaphor serves me right as I practice this everyday. Being loyal to my faith gives me deals in life proven by moments like these where time stands still and I get to hold my better half’s hand. Hope you all had a great heart’s day!


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