Last night, my 18-year-old nephew and I were watching “After Earth” and we exchanged queries and doubts whether the earth would actually become a zero-oxygen, non-live-able, dangerous world that man would be forced to create spaceships that could nurture like earth based in the movie. We concluded yes but maybe we, ourselves wouldn’t be here long enough to witness that.

After Earth, 2013 Starring: Will Smith, Jaden Smith

While I was actually reflecting on the idea before going to sleep, I realized how vast the generation of the internet and technology had become. 24 months ago, the level of connections people had made today in terms of business, were almost impossible. 24 months ago, business advertisements were on TV but now, it’s online. 24 months ago, I was still reading The Standard newspaper, but now I read it and everything else (my books, bank statements, letters) from my phone. These technological advancement seemed to have scaled up so fast, it’s hard to cope sometimes. That being said, it’s undeniable that creativity is becoming the skill that is expected from each of us as we thrive. So yeah, I thought it’s not too far that there would be spaceships that could later become the future earth because of natural resources and land spaces becoming abused. When that time comes, I am sure our ability to create, invent and innovate would be much more than what kind of ability we have now.

One night, my family and I ate at the latest Genki Sushi restaurant.

I read about it way before. I remember the remarkable 24-year-old Japanese chef, Fumio Satio for his commitment to his passion to give solid service to people who would eat his sushi. He considered the principle of “kaiten”, literally translated as “revolving”. This is for sushi to be given out to people, making it go to the customers instead of them coming to the dish. In 1968, ‘kaiten sushi’ became revolutionary. Sushi was delivered to every customer through a conveyor belt. His intention was to combine serving traditional sushi with the modern technology and he made it happen. Probably because he is a fan of the traditional culture of serving guests (since “courtesy” is a big deal in Japan) but he is not ignoring the impact of the technology in making everything easier and faster (We all know Japan is one hell of a techie country for inventing those robots.). So in 1990, the pioneer company, Genki Sushi Corp. Ltd., was born. Within only a year, the corporation got public in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The restaurant that serves sushi through a conveyor belt was widely accepted and supported by the Japanese locals that they expanded like wildfire locally and internationally establishing branches in Hawaii, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The first Genki Sushi in Hong Kong. Location: Far East Finance Centre, Admiralty

20 years ago, Hong Kong was graced of the one-of-a-kind sushi delivering conveyor belt experience. Genki’s mission of bringing a different sushi dining experience internationally is made sure with the branches slowly reaching up to Indonesia and Malaysia. Hong Kong has 40 outlets of Genki Sushi up to this day. With its success, Genki promised continued customer satisfaction here in 852 and to celebrate its 20th year, last 2015, Genki Sushi, at Tsuen Wan Plaza (take exit C in getting off at Tsuen Wan MTR Station) exceeded Genki lovers’ expectations by delivering their orders of sushi via a bullet train.

The key concept is to deliver sushi fresh and fast. You see, when the chefs make the sushi, covers it and lets it sit on the conveyor belt to be picked up, there’s a tendency for it to look sad after going around the conveyor belt for a long time. The sushi basically just sits there until somebody picks it up but the million dollar question is, how about if it doesn’t? This leads to wastage in the end. With the new bullet train trend, you order through an iPad which is available for you to tinker at any time as you decide. The aim is to give you your sushi within 90 seconds upon ordering. This avoids excess in unconsumed food for Genki. It’s such a superb workup because the team of Genki not only saves food but, also conforms to customer’s preferences. It’s amazing how Genki doesn’t need that much labor though I find it threatening.

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm.
This particular Genki Sushi is located at Shop B105-108, B1, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Tai Pa Street, Tsuen Wan. Their contact number is: 2499 3172.

Satio indeed had made his mark when it comes to making a name in business. He certainly made a name with his innovation. With little concepts from inventors here and there, change will happen inevitably in the world where we live in. “After Earth”, though fiction, sends a message. “Anything is bound to end, but fearing will keep us from reaching our greatest potential.”

Do create when you can. And don’t cage yourself within boundaries. Start from what you are doing for a long time already. May it be through writing, dance, infrastructure or making an app. For all we know, you may be the next Satio.

Genki has delicious fast food. They serve not only sushi but also soups, fried side-orders like chicken, soft-shelled crab and squid heads. They also serve french fries, rice bowls and green tea to wash off the oil afterwards. Enjoy it all 90 seconds after ordering!

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