Quarantine could come through to some people as time for rest. To some, they may find it boring. In general, it is time waited upon. So, what do you do while you wait?

Seven days of being quarantined could easily lead you to a lot of procrastinating thinking you have time to spare. Before you know it, you have reached the 7th night and may feel unproductive after sleeping it all off. While rest could serve one, you might just be like me who prefers being sedentary the least. So, here are some of the things that I did to stay preoccupied and active – both mentally and physically.

1. Have an exercise routine

Right before you sleep, you should have something for yourself to want to do the next day. It’s good to wake up to a sense of purpose and what else could be a better starter than doing something for yourself? You don’t want to look and feel exhausted despite the supposed sleep therapy you could get from being quarantined so take advantage of the time that you have on your hands.

With the little space I had, I could only do a lot of stretching, core exercises and yoga poses. That’s more than enough though as you don’t want to leave yourself exhausted and then not want to do the routine the next day giving excuses like, “you were tired from working out yesterday”.

Physical exercises could help your muscles stay toned, increases your flexibility, keeps your blood circulation efficient and helps your digestive system by preventing dietary ailments. One of the major causes of constipation is lack of exercise and with the kind of food they serve along with the Quarantine Package, you’ll need that help. That’s another story.

2. Working from home

One of the major things that had me preoccupied was work. I am beyond grateful that my boss offered for me to work from home. Not only was it a money-making opportunity but again, that sense of purpose kept me productive. It’s the closest I was to performing and teaching. Two things that I love to do and am good at. So, it’s just doing it for my own growth and development in the field while earning. Kaching!

3. Read a book

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As soon as these tasks are done, it gave me a reason to freshen up on schedule leaving me off with a lot of leisure time. Having these accomplished gave me a sense of entitlement to indulge in the relaxation mode without feeling guilty about just snacking or wasting time.

Understanding the benefits of reading, the first I reach out to, for leisure, is my book. I reread “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson and it gave me a much deeper understanding of the message it resonates because of that intimate contemplation with myself. Probably, there’s a book that you read so fast the way I did this book. So, besides finishing this book and learning from it, I am now writing content from it.

This leads us to the 4th activity.

4. Produce content

Now, some of you may have not even recorded yourself or are not into content creation. But learning a new skill while in quarantine? Why not? You must have taken a selfie one way or another, so believe me, nobody would know that you such except yourself. So, take this time to rediscover yourself by learning something new. You wouldn’t know how much you are missing until you choose to become an open vessel. What is there to lose? Except for time. It’s not like you can go somewhere else anyway. So let time stand still by documenting it. Here’s the 7-day story I produced. Every time I watch it, I am grateful to myself that I recorded it. Though I hope every day, I don’t have to undergo quarantine ever again.

 5. Communicate

While you may be busy getting information for yourself through ways that work for you, do not neglect the power of communicating with your people. This is to get your social skills at work. Engage in a conversation and exercise your ability to acknowledge an opinion. Having that ability to express falls under Love and Belongingness, the third level that needs to get satisfied in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Bottling our emotions could mess with our sanity so in order to avoid that, try releasing some stress and reducing anxiety through video calls. Anyway, most quarantine packages offer WIFI access.

6. Try any 7-day trial

Wanting to learn about ADOBE, Photoshop, a dance class or a language course? Make the most of any 7-day trial stuff. You got 7 days and 7 nights to spare, or at least an hour from each to something that you have been wanting to learn or was too shy to do so in public. This is your chance to really have a feel of it if it’s really worth your time or not. You will not end up wasting money and you will be unlocking something about yourself that you didn’t know you wanted all along.

7. Meditate, Pray, and Reconnect with your spirituality

However you address it, divinity is within you. It is part of your humanity. Take time to reconnect with what’s divine in you. Take the quiet time by training your mind to focus and meditate. Either on your accomplishments and how you achieved them. You may also touch on the journey you are about to take. Or whether it’s time to move on from something you’ve held on to that didn’t really serve you well. I have done all three but the most that developed much much better is my ability to meditate.

Quieting the mind is probably the one that is most difficult because it was so used to thought processes. Your synapses habitually go from one task to another. Sometimes, it even happens all at the same time. So, it takes a lot of practice to tone it down so while you have that quiet environment that could facilitate your practice, claim it. In silence, the deepest, purest desires surface.

These are the major things I did with my time on top of watching some Netflix series and ordering from Food Panda. Hahaha! Yes, I’m normal too. But hopefully, you could grab a thing or two from this list to keep you from getting bored. Remember, only boring people get bored!





I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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