SCULPT HUB HK offers more than a healthy lifestyle.

Hong Kong eased its restrictions and this had sent me to discovering Sculpthub HK’s exercise programs.

I found out that they are pretty enjoyable and that it conforms to any kind of lifestyle one holds. As for being a mom of two, with a full-time job, a home to nourish and this lifestyle website to channel out the writer in me, time is of the essence. Yet, one should not neglect the responsibility of keeping the body healthy.

And so I was looking for a community that shares the same outlook as me. A place where effective low-impact exercises are hailed and where I could still dance or flow with movement while gaining core strength. Lo and behold, I was able to see all of that and more at Sculpthub HK.

Sculpt Hub HK

Sculpt Hub HK helps you reconnect with yourself through an effective mentality around self-acceptance and enhancing the assets you already have.

It was founded under the impression that defies the usual perception of a fitness studio. As it aims to assist a member in embracing a healthy lifestyle, it also strengthens your intention to sustain it. Emphasizing the importance of how to begin, assessment is their key to developing one’s will and drive to pursue overall wellness.

They encouraged me to reassess my goals of wanting to lose weight into more of an acceptance first of the body type I have. With an athletic built, it’s undeniable that mommyhood had invested here and there. The good news is, it can be shed off without having to feel guilty about it. One of the teachers, Miss Raiza gives importance to ensuring safety when working around the body parts that would for sure be dealing with workload than any other parts.

While many think that it’s all the weight-bearing joints (joints that support our weight such as the knees, ankles and the lower back) who need to get trained, let me tell you that it’s not entirely true. Your posture is teamwork amongst your weight-bearing joints, your core, and your subconscious. At first, you may find that you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself just to keep a proper body posture. But, in time, as your body gets used to it, surely, it wouldn’t find it hard to adapt and conform. You just have to start doing it for yourself.

In Sculpt Hub Studio, they give importance to the most neglected, yet the most fundamental part of such workout programs. Core strength and mental wellness.

Core strength

You may book private pole dance lessons as well if that’s what you want to explore in terms of aesthetics.

Disseminating the effort throughout the body during a workout is a skill. Every athlete and long-time gym-goers know that this is essential. Most especially during long hauls of workout sessions or training. While many exercise programs may look like it’s all arms and legs from a novice’s point-of-view, the involvement of the core sustains programs you set yourself until the end. And as it gets engaged, the effect becomes more beneficial which leads one to a progressive kind where exercises get add up further developing a different group of muscles.

Sculpt Hub HK understands this and involves it in most of its programs. Of course without neglecting the warm-up sessions to set it up safely and long-standing. Furthermore, this approach withstands whatever training background one has. You may begin at a reformed and remodified pace. Adjust to build your confidence and necessary muscle groups had developed. To test that, continuous evaluation and challenges will be implemented.

Sculpt Hub Yoga mats are not just stylish. They are eco-friendly too.

Sculpt Hub HK’s yoga mats

I was very excited to finally have my yoga mat around Christmas time. Its arrival became timely to the 4th lockdown Hong Kong had to impose due to the rising number of upper respiratory infections amongst kids as they started going back to school. To avoid a risky blowout, lockdown had to be in force until the end of the Chinese New Year.

With online yoga workout programs to follow, my 3mm thick Sculpt Hub Yoga Mat aided my knees and wrists in the process. Even my kids prefer to use this, most especially my eldest one who had to have one for her online physical education.

The video below shows more details about its structure and what it is made up of. Jill Anne Roy, the entrepreneur behind these eco-friendly yoga mats gave a rundown of the different designs they offer and how they differed from one another.


Enjoy the video featuring the Sculpt Hub Studio, the equipment they use,

and the programs they offer to an intimate number.


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