Hong Kong Pacific Toa and Oreana Storm will be head to head at King’s Park today, July 28. At 8:00pm, the Toans will be dealing with the strongest storm fighting for the Super League Championship Title. Though undefeated, the line up of the Toans had to deal with Storm that has 19 players vs their 15.

Super League Championship Line-up

The crowd favours the line up of the Pacific Toa. Every week, the number of fans supporting them just increases significantly equalising the score they make. They once made a score of 60 overloading 40 advantage over their opponent. They never lost a game while they are new in the league.

Meanwhile, Oreana Storm is composed also of professional players. Ringo Lung is the captain of Hong Kong Rugby League representing Hong Kong in Japan but he has underlying shoulder injury. This calls out all the necessary help together for the Oreana Story to survive the entire 80minutes of the game. Matt Jones had lined up their team as well and had pinpointed the players of Toa that could outrun them and so, they are undeniably ready.

If you are around Jordan area, King’s Park is the hub for these warriors opening up with the Women’s 9s Series Decider at 7:30pm. This will be between Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

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To all photographers and sports enthusiasts, Hong Kong Pacific Toa had introduced a game to further encourage people to get fond of Hong Kong Rugby League as it’s the first time for both teams to be in the finals. Use the hashtag: #hongkongpacifictoa when you post your work or picture at Instagram. The best moment captured will be hailed in their team dinner happening around third week of August and will be rewarded.

You can check their Facebook Page and Instagram accounts for more details.


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