Last Monday, December 18, 2017, Hong Kong tallied the lowest temperature for Hong Kong’s 2017 winter season. At 11 degrees Celsius, the Centre for Health Protection cautions the public to defend yourself against flu.

Quality Health Care encourages people to fight the flu by getting the HK$250 worth of a flu shot. As simple as they may seem, there are other preventive measures that could be neglected, and yet are the most effective. Let’s be reminded once again.

Together with the World Health Organization, Quality Health Care presents the following measures to help you prevent flu from ruining your holidays!

1. Get Vaccinated – for the best protection for your family and yourself. But of course, it wouldn’t hurt to know what is in your vaccine.

2. Wash your hands – often with soap and water to avoid germs from getting on and spreading from your hands.

3. Exercise – regularly to stay health and strong.

4. Wear a mask – when you have any respiratory symptoms to prevent spreading the virus.

5. Get enough sleep – to keep your immune system sound

The weather is continuously changing drastically. Last Monday, it was around 11degrees Celsius alright but South China Morning Post had warned Hong Kong of the unlikely warm Christmas eve this year. Stay with the layers so that you can take off garments when need be and you still have means to cover up once the temperature drops down.

Add a thing or two to these 5 preventive measures. Putting it out there simply and concisely helped a lot of people. Please don’t hesitate to comment your additional preventive measure that you use or practice. Thanks in advance.



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