Last November 20, 2017, Phil D Music hosts The Listening Engagement at Bonham Strand Trade Centre in Sheung Wan.

at the The Listening Engagement with Phil D Music himself

A major breakthrough happened at the event when it took the usual listening experience into a different limelight. Soundoff headphones played a major role as it provided deeper engagement to the subtle beats of any created music art.

It’s true how music brings people together as the The Listening Engagement was just all about that.


The people’s inclination to connect to it.

And most importantly, the people’s connectivity through it.


Soundoff headphones were distributed before entering the main room for The Listening Engagement

Originally from New York, Hong Kong is now getting in the trend of using Soundoff headphones. Currently, the country uses it for a different listening experience. Yoga studios, after-party events and many more offer services by Soundoff to give out music in its most detailed craftsmanship. Eliminating outside distractions, you can fully engage with the music that goes through Soundoff headphones. Additional to its efficient design are the volume controls. While you control the music in the background, you are still able to still get involved in conversations with colleagues at the same time. With its motive to deliver the right kind of music, it could wow your guests that are within 500 yards. 

Little spaced events may find these headphones favourable. It may exude a different feel in a fashion show as it highlights the featured line of clothes parading down a runway. Usage in movie theatres can heighten up the surround sound up a notch with these headphones.


DJ Fudge (France), Phil D Music (South Africa), DJ Eric (Paris) were altogether standing in the name of music. Coming from different parts of the world, their love for music fused them here in Hong Kong to create the single, “Central”.

Phil D Music and Dj Fudge, who instantly were driven to make music just because of their love for it, had released their single, “Willing to Go” in Apple Music and Sound Cloud last September. They knew possibilities were endless with this collaboration. This December, another single was about to arise by the title of “Central” where both artists share common fondness to.

In contrast with “Willing To Go” which was their first hit they’ve released last September that gives your feet a beat to dance to, “Central” breathes Hong Kong’s delight to a good happy hour. It’s a feel good music that sets your mood right into gliding to a versatile crowd.

Hong Kong stands as a melting pot for people from all walks of life. Phil D recognises the opportunities it holds. He crafts its importance into the song.

It includes languages that speak of him being grateful for the movement it gave his life. 

DJ Fudge was very humbling arranging it for Phil D knowing he owns 25 years of experience doing this professionally. He even requested for everybody to give all the credits to Phil D for “Central”. The two hard-working talents continue to collaborate just to direct their creative juices to something productive.

DJ Eric on the other hand who had been in the same business for over 40 years find it worthy to give time to arising artists. That involvement alone sets you to expect something major.


Understanding the humility behind Phil D’s creation as he gave credits to the people who paved the way for him to create the single was truly remarkable. However, the album is still under construction.

The second hit is scheduled to be released before the year ends,. Although many people consider this a tough business to break in, the possibilities are endless. With the right intent of drifting people to something new, it is beyond promising.

Let’s see how Silent Disco gets appreciated through the introduction of the LED powered headphones to clubbing. The album, “PULSE” strives toset your night on fire as new trends in music respects the traditional impact, connectivity!


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