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Daily Writing Tips had defined it as:

… simply a topic around which you start jotting down ideas. The prompt could be a single word, a short phrase, a complete paragraph or even a picture, with the idea being to give you something to focus upon as you write. You may stick very closely to the original prompt or you may wander off at a tangent.

The first time I encountered writing prompts was when I attended the 2016 Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference. A speaker from the NanoWriMo Community challenged us with a writing prompt. In just 15 minutes tops, we’ll write continuously, aiming for the most number of words we can put together sensibly. To weave something out of this certain topic is the main purpose. I remember so well what the writing prompt was. It went: “And on her right hand was the door that said, “EXIT”…

Like musicians make music and painters paint, writers witness time stopping when they write. I find this true when I let ideas from my head flow. And I produce great work each time this happens.

I would rot if I don’t write. And when you’re that passionate about something, you try to find a community that shares the same liking. But maintaining a day job, while owning a start-up on top of being a mom could eat up much of your time. So if you could relate to me, you would find your way seeking nearby workshops considering your budget and your time.

I recently got in touch with the Writer’s Cafe through Meet Up, a website providing membership software, and allowing its users to schedule events using its platform. A small, talented, dedicated group compose the club and I’m glad I went. It worked its way from getting prompts from the people who attended to put in a cup. Each of us drew out our prompts individually and was given 1 hour to work on it. Mine was:

Writing prompt, Starbucks

Undeniably, to start is the hardest step you can ever take. With my laptop, I created a reverse story about love, starting with revenge. Not even finished with the third sentence, I abandoned it without looking back because I thought, it’s so predictable. “Dangerous in a Silent Way” denotes that very topic. It didn’t sit right in my system. “I was actually writing about the most predictable thing one could think about with this prompt. Blech!!!!”, I told myself.

So I opened another blank document and started to write a non-fiction vendetta. And write about the least expected of it… cryptocurrency. Without hesitation, I typed away and like at that moment, this is open for criticism. My colleague asked me after the session what kind of critique am I looking for my work, I honestly don’t know. So maybe you got an idea in mind so don’t hoard it. Please do share. It will help me sharpen my craft. By the way, maybe sort of disclaimer, but this was a continuous writing exercise in 60 minutes just allowing ideas to rush in. This is purely opinionated.


(And I made it a title so that it’s not the usual “dangerous in a silent way….”)


Why is investing on bitcoin trending?

Businessmen and women are slowly trusting this cryptocurrency because of the transfer of funds from stocks to bitcoins. Even huge companies and 401(k)s consider bitcoins in the portfolio to be bestowed upon of huge funds and capital. And this movement alone, even if they don’t have a background understanding of how it works become so attractive because of only one thing. The promise of faster ROI as compared to every investment tool.

People are slowly embracing cashless payments. The pattern on which and how they consume are shifted into making a good use of the sporadic e-commerce emergence. Let’s take a look at its benefits:

  1. People recognize its very benefit of doing transactions hassle-free. The very act of putting out the money from your purse is dreaded as compared to verifying a payment via your thumb print using your phone.

Let’s take a mom with her kid at a grocery shop for an example.

Undeniably, you hold your phone forever (except when you’re sleeping). For a mom at a grocery shop, expect that she’s holding her phone at one hand and the kid by the other.

If she pays the groceries by cash, the process goes, (a) she lets go of the kids’ hand to open the bag; (b) she puts down the phone either in the bag or on the counter to reach for the cash from the wallet and hand it to the cashier; (c) she waits for a moment to get the change if there is and to check if it’s correct (d) finally, she has to check if everything is right, if she got the kid and if she got the phone. She’s super if she secured her kid more than the phone which at some cases, it may be done the other way around. The point is, these 4 steps will all be fused into one, without letting go of the kid’s hand through a mobile payment.


  1. People don’t have to line up or leave home to shop.

Many businesses had made their products available online. That means, if you have a credit or a debit card, you can easily buy and have the item delivered right at your doorstep. Whether it be food, books, services or an item from the other side of the globe, it can be shipped with a return policy of 7 days most of the time. Who would want to deal with the chaos of the city? Or the heavy traffic during rush hours? Because of this very benefit, a lot of time and money, sans energy, is saved.


  1. Accessibility to the product.

 Your ability to buy a product is almost endless. Almost, because sad for those who don’t own credit cards. But for those whose purchasing power lies on them, you sure can buy that textile from India, that mind-blowing coffee from Vietnam, and experience 50 Shades of Grey orgasm by buying the leather belt to have your husband spank you with tonight. Yes, entering a toy shop will gain you judgemental eyes each time. All without being judged, mocked, or having to deal with annoying sales people won’t exist. Suggestions by the bots can pop up, but clicking on the “x” to dismiss it won’t lash you back with a comment that says, “Bitch!”

All of these benefits can go on and on but from these top 3 benefits, we can consider the negative effect of going cashless.

  1. High incidence of identity theft.

You see, mobile payments need you to input personal details including your banking information and location. If there are incredible platforms that were made and established to gain benefits from dealing with errands online, there are platforms that can also hack it.


  1. People tend to become dependent on the internet.

Millenials as they call it don’t know a lot of childhood games like board games, hide and seek and Jenga. They all know how to click on the smart phones first than write by hand. Eventually, people learn from YouTube channels making them extra careful and as far as taking risks is concerned and building their confidence, they hide through their pretentious selves made released through their social media profile. They lost the sense of serendipity, faith and opportunity.


  1. Dangerous transactions are made.

Now this is the most crucial part. The danger each transactions come up with. Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrencies for that matter, or any online transactions that don’t involve cash, are all subject to money laundering. Because of the availability of goods to consumers, business sharks with dirty sources take their chance of going undetected. No more selling of drugs on the streets are recorded recently because most of them were done online. And this doesn’t exempt young people in getting involved. The sad part is, there’s no concrete internet law around it since the very idea of cryptocurrencies alone, is to detach the money system from being governed by a third-party like the banks, money changers and the exchange systems.

With these advanced global changes that people embrace unconsciously, does it put the human race into danger the silent way?”


You think I’ve given the prompt some justice? I would love to hear your opinion.


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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