The World Fire Knife Competition holds a record of being the grandest among the fire-knife dancers and Polynesian people. The fire-knife dance which was a form of a warfare had transformed into something beautiful in the name of performing arts and cultural heritage. It is the Superbowl of Polynesia.

Polynesian Cultural Center holds a grand stage where their tour packages could include this for you to enjoy.

Since it started in 1993, the competition had always brought the finest fire-knife dancers from all over the world. The Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) have done a great job in sharing such tradition not only to its spectators but to a global reach as they go live with these shows keeping up with the trend of the digital era. Today, champions from all over the world will come together and it’s going to be one hell of a 3-day competition!


The competition started last night with the Women’s Qualifying Rounds with both local and international contenders. One to watch is from Taiwan, Huang, Rainie who won as champion in the mixed adult fire-knife competition in Japan early this year. She flew all the way from Hong Kong to give it a try for the World Fire Knife Competition where the battle among the real champions is. This is her first time and she secured a slot in the last three last night.

Gripping on her win from Japan, she goes all the way to Hawaii to compete heads on. With this much momentum, she takes everything she learned from her Samoan and Tahitian aiga in Hong Kong to see how she measures alongside the beasts.


Falaniko Solomona, World Fire Knife Champion – 2017

Always, the excitement builds up from one contender after another when we talk about the men’s division. This year probably is one of the ultimate championships ever held for so many champions from the past have come to compete for the year 2019. Additionally, uprising talents are coming to show up.

There’s the presence of Falaniko Solomona who flew in from Hong Kong but who is originally from Samoa. Champion in 2017. Joseph Cadousteau with 3 championships under his belt: 2012, 2013 and 2015. And there’s VJ Tiumalu who also owns 3 championships starting the night with a flawless routine: 2008, 2011, 2014.

But there’s always the unbeatable Mikaele Oloa who had been a champion for 5 times: 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2016. That makes him one to elbow out for the finals. Otherwise, he might end up winning once again.

Jack Tai Laban who is a promising warrior had come to compete and represent Samoa, where the fire-knife art originally emerged from. Young, fast and strong. Seeing him perform in the Samoan Tradition Resort last year, he has great potential.

The Facebook Page for the Polynesian Cultural Center is live streaming right now and will for the next two days for the entirety of the competition. Keep yourself abreast of the latest updates through it. And most of all, enjoy watching and visit when you can.

Joseph Cadousteau from Tahiti. 3 time champion. Mother Language: French
Photo credits to: Polynesian Cultural Center



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