Robert Kiyosaki wrote in his book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“, “Financial freedom is attained when your passive income is computed larger in figures than your active income.” This clause justifies a follow-up thought. In order to achieve financial freedom, then we must find ways to earn passive income. Congratulations! This post is all about that!

You clicked on this title mainly because of a reason that you somehow understand the difference between active and passive income. Also, you may have an idea of what passive income can do to your long-term financial goals. That being said, you undoubtedly long for financial freedom. As you throw out to the universe, that strong will to carry out your goals, this post attracted you somehow. 

The speakers that will leave us financial keynotes.

Floi Wycoco who had a personal experience going bankrupt during his supposed glorious days being employed as an OFW, he learned a great lesson. It is knowing, understanding and living the ultimate reason, why and how we should invest. Concerning financial education, he rose up and never wanted another person to endure a stressful process of having debts, getting tied up with them and not saving at all because of it. To make the story short, he went through one hell of a transformation from being searched by the legal department because of his loan into becoming one of the most sought after financial educators because of his courage to face his problems. And it was not easy as I listened to his story.

Nowadays, Mr. Investor, as how he is known in the Philippines, had become an advocate of Filipinos who are in dire need for financial education. Together with licensed stock brokers, business owners and entrepreneurs, Floi had slowly increased the percentage of those who wanted to take responsibility for their hard-earned money.


Knowing Floi, he has that fondness for OFW’s (Overseas Foreign Workers), always keeping them in his mind on how he could be of help. Besides his knowledge that overseas foreign workers leave their family for work, his dad was also an OFW for many years. And he had tasted how bitter such absence is. So he knows what both the worker and the family endures when talking about OFW’s. It always fall to desperate measures.

And so, he continuous to make ways on how to stay afloat by putting up The Global Filipino Investors. It is a platform where Filipinos all over the world find refuge on how to save effectively. He had shared steps on how to be financially free. And the first in his model is to pay off debts. Whether it is a good debt or bad debt, once this is ticked off, you will have the chance to invest your money smoothly.

The thing with the Filipinos when it comes to “investment” though is they always reason out, “I don’t have extra money to begin with.” Little did they know, this is what “Pay yourself first” means. With a mindset that focuses on this, and the understanding of how it benefits you in the end, are the pillars of such pursuit.

With how versatile, talented and compassionate Filipinos are, a lot of them serve globally being an overseas worker. It justifies why OFW’s are the highest source of funds for Philippines’ GNP (gross national product). Yet, looking at those who had spent decades being overseas workers, majority turned out coming home with nothing. Is it due to lack of financial education? Perhaps.

Would availability of a conference on how to create passive income make a difference. Perhaps.


On September 9, 2018, Floi Wycoco himself, had built a team to grace Filipino OFW’s here in Hong Kong of a conference on how to generate passive income. So that while you are doing your 8-hour job, you will still generate income as you sleep. How? Through investments that may be allotted to agriculture, start-up businesses and mutual funds.

Proposed itinerary on September 9

Financial literate speakers will give the best advice. Successful and dedicated people, blessed of a journey in business, will attend to give substantial keynotes that may help you. Decide to take action in manoeuvring your fate to a secure one. This way, not only you, but also your family are assured of a brighter future. This could help in realising how loan sharks are to be avoided and how having a goal is important. I am an OFW myself and I am interested to take part in this.


This is just a one-time big-time event that I assure you would be fruitful. For a regular price of HK$90 which is worth one meal here in Hong Kong, fill up that part of your brain that needs some awakening when it comes to saving and investing.

See it as: “Who wouldn’t want to experience being in an F1 race? The speed, the adrenaline and the achievement that comes with it? You can’t say that it’s not risky. But it is worth it. The thing is, you don’t know how to drive that Formula 1 Race car, do you? But if you have the chance to learn it? Would you?”

It’s the same thing. We need financial education. Relieve yourself of a lifestyle where you have to stretch a month’s salary to extended lengths. It would be perfect if means to do what we want are within arm’s length. It would be great if we do not have loans. You can actually come up with your own business. And information for a price of HK$90? Why not?

I know you answered yes.

Here’s the link to register:

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Location is at:

G Party, Cheung Sha Wan, Cheung Sha Wan Rd., 883 Elite Industrial Centre, 1st Floor, Room 14 – Take the Lai Chi Kok MTR Exit D2.


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