The much awaited summer holiday is here and the kids can’t wait to know where you’re taking them. Do tell that you’re on your way to on an adventure in 4 places this 2017: Asia, where Mulan was from, Oceania, where Moana had sailed, South America where the balloons were set to take the house in the movie “Up” and Africa, where Pride Rock holds Simba’s pack.

Yes, the third hotel of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort promises all these four! Whether you treat it as a staycation or a holiday getaway from where you are from, it will be a grand time for sure as you experience a whole new kind of hotel service.

What I look for in booking a hotel room are the following: the room service, their wi-fi and their interior. Of course, guest service, amenities and facilities should be able to exceed one’s expectations to be called a 5-star hotel but Disney Explorer’s Lodge has a lot to offer than that!

Working side-by-side the first two hotels that opened 12 years before, Disneyland Explorer’s Lodge aims to give the most exotic experience to every guest visiting the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. With a première Hollywood experience at the Hollywood Hotel, and the Victorian feel while spending a night or two at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel,  Disney Explorer’s Lodge, with 750 hotel rooms, welcomes  every guest with a promise that it will be an extraordinary journey. Be ready to keep up with some of the breathtaking views here in this video because there’s still a lot that I wasn’t able to capture. Nonetheless, it still includes that breathtaking view of the Raindrop Pool that I can’t help but compare it to a water hole. Why? This hotel lodge offers a different realm as you walk past its glass doors. It almost makes you forget that you’re in Hong Kong instantaneously. That made my creative side jump up to work and I had put a little video as remembrance of our wonderful time spent at the lodge.

So you see, Disney Explorer’s Lodge is not just a hotel but it serves as a setting for special memories like I had. And that is the reason I travel, to build good memories with my family.

Moreover, it’s loaded of fun with the line up of activities it has for the day. This may be seen in the passport looking give away where different gardens are introduced: 

Kevin Garden which is distinctly South American Little Squirt Garden representing Oceania; Hathi Jr., Garden for Asia and Rafiki with an African Savannah theme. These garden houses over 170,000 plants. In addition to a relaxing walk you can do around here, it will be helpful to know to that the rooms (Standard Deluxe, Premium and Sea View) are sufficed with two queen beds and the rooms are left spacious enough for 4 adults to enjoy their stay. If you are traveling with your baby, and would want a separate cot or bribe, they will give that to you, just ask.

Their food which is served at the following:

Dragon Wind (with 248 seats) – decorated with whimsical dragon kits; serves rural and classical provincial Chinese fare inspired but the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Culture. Disney friends come and greet guests during the buffet.



World of Colour Restaurant (sits 120) – Guests will savour new flavours and classic tastes as international cuisine meets exotic herbs and culinary methods. The restaurant’s design was inspired the rich layers of in a natural landscape, while offering guests a view of the Kevin Gardens.

Chart Room Cafe (sits 138) – offers continental breakfast and all-day dining; Its concept features earthy complemented by decorative bamboo and a lighting fixture of constellations, which was used by explorers to navigate during long voyages. Explorers can enjoy specialty coffee and light refreshments in this cafe’s atmosphere.

Besides the photos and the memories you will be able to take for your remembrance, visiting the Trading Post will surely seal your satisfaction of how complete your stay had been because of the world-class quality of the souvenirs offered here.

With the guest service, ambiance, wide of food, great outdoor amenities and shopping experience, I couldn’t ask for more. But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there. There are recreation activities that their team of imagineers had put together. Although you are staying at the Disney Explorer’s Lodge, all hotel Guests are welcome to join all recreation activities provided by the three hotel. No registration is required to enjoy these.

In detail, the schedule goes like: Starting the morning with Tai Chi with Master Goofy at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Morning Movie Time with Goofy at the Hollywood’s Hotel at the Studio Lounge, then doing arts and crafts at noon before a hearty lunch. Finding the hidden Mickey at the Disney Explorer’s Lodge starting at 2pm and choosing between arts and crafts at Disneyland Hotel’s Story Playroom or experiencing ‘A Journey in Hollywood’ at Hollywood Hotel’s Hollywood Boulevard seem educational. If you would like to continue the exploration, there’s one by the Rain Drop Pool at the Disney explorer’s Lodge called Explorer’s Poolside. Disney Game Time happens late afternoon at the Storybook Playroom and a Disney Movie Premiere awaits at the Piano Pool of the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Finally, for a Disney Storytime, head to the Storybook Playroom with your young ones before having a goodnight’s sleep.

*Personal tip: Don’t worry about the transfers in between hotels, there are free shuttle buses that come now and then that will easily take you from one hotel to another. Also, may I suggest that you allot yourself ample time because rushing will just tire you and you might not enjoy it as much.

An exclusive offer for guests who make reservations at Disney Explorer’s Lodge or the other 2 themed hotels will receive Priority Admission Passes to selected attractions, or seat reservations to stage shows (Mickey’s Wondrous Book and Festival of the Lion King) depending on availability. Passes are distributed according to the number of guests per room, with a maximum of 4 guests per room.

Side note: Attractions and shows may be suspended or cancelled without prior notice. Although, there may be regulations that could assure you that you’d be assisted in the next visit in case of force majeure like this day. Click on this link.

Also, available attractions include Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Hyperspace Mountain, Iron Man Experience, “It’s a small world” and Mystic Manor for all room types. Guests staying in Sea View or above room category will also have Slinky Dog Spin, the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop to choose from.

At the end of the two-day stay I felt relaxed and for a HK$2,200/room rate, it was worth it. Of course with the endless access to world-class entertainment, exquisite cuisine and over-the-top amenities, I am more than convinced that it is worth it. Their amenities kit in the room was changed everyday and the case can be taken home. So much so with the slippers provided by the hotel. In fact, a “Take Me” note was there to encourage the guests not to forget to take them home. Definitely, if given the chance, I would come back and experience it all over again!

Source of information:
Disney Explorer's Lodge Pocket Page and my own experience

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