An overdue review of the Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge took me a long time to write. Because of the duties that tagged along with the biggest turnover in my husband’s adult life. His family and the village bestowed him of the title, High Chief Masoe, in Savai’i, Samoa last year. It was truly an awakening experience that I never even knew still existed.

According to WIKIPEDIA, fa’amatai is the chiefly system of Samoa, the heart of the Polynesia. The Matai’s are the holders of family chief titles whose power basically depends on a lot of things. One is by land ownership.

April 2018, my husband was bestowed of the title High Chief Masoe. And because of it, I had the chance to see the beautiful Savai’i for the first time. And Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge made this experience more memorable when we got to relax at their suites. It took me a long time to publish this post but I hope this could help some travelers that are looking for accommodation around the Asau area.

Booking Va-i-Moana from Hong Kong was hassle-free. It was the nearest to where the ceremony for my husband will be taking place. And so, it was the perfect choice for us.



As I get to know a bit of the Samoan language, the resort’s name means two things:

Vai – means water

Moana – is the Samoan term for color “blue”; it’s a known name of a Polynesian girl as well.

Putting this together, a simple translation could go: “Blue Water”. Nonetheless, it literally means, “Oceans Apart” according to their website. With that being said, its mission is to bring its guests to a paradise by the edge of the earth, oceans apart from reality, but it brings you to the Va-i-Moana family that keeps you close to home.


Located at the Main Road, Asau, Savai’i, Samoa, Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge lives up to its name with its crystal blue waters that maybe observed from a seaside deck of the outdoor dining one. From the moment you’re ready to take in the view as an early riser in the morning to deciding on a laid back early evening to enjoy cocktails, Va-i-Moana exceeds any expectations.


There may have been one instance that the food (fried chicken and fries) took an awfully long time to prepare when we reached the hotel because of some discrepancies in accommodation availability. But I reckon it was passed lunch time. So, it took time for them to cook the meal. After all, we did order 7 of it I think. After that one incident, food had been exquisitely delicious during our stay there of 4 days and 3 nights.

Originally, I booked the Tui Moana Family Room. But, we didn’t expect the 2-hour drive from the ferry pier to Asau. So, we arrived a bit late missing the check-in time (3pm). We arrived around 5pm. But like any booking, that shouldn’t mean, our reservation can be passed to another guest.

That’s what happened!!!

They thought we’re not coming and so, they gave my reservation to a white family which I truly avoided to look in a discriminating way.

From a guest’s point-of-view, it should have been a straight out complaint to the management but because of the friendly staff admitting their error on the matter, that they should have sent a notice or tried to call to confirm, I just accepted the apology and took whatever was available. I didn’t want the situation to get worse by making them pull out the white family when they’re all settled and that they were just staying for a night anyway compared to us which was 3 nights. Also, my 74-year-old mother-in-law at that time was so tired from the traveling and needed rest. They arranged the room right away. So instead of only two rooms for us, we had 3.


As far as being accommodated is concerned, I am giving the TUI MOANA SUITE a 4/5 because of how the basic amenities were there. No WIFI though but toiletries and towels and the way the house stood by the seaside was very refreshing.

My daughter and husband went swimming and kayaking while I took a nap. It was truly nice to wake up to a warm sea breeze and a magnificent sea view.

On the other hand, the room they gave us had a broken air-condition system so the room was of musty and some mosquitoes or small tiny bugs, summer no see ums feasted on us.

I find this kind of towels not impressive at all!

They managed with personal bug spray and a good evening meet-up with the relatives over dinner so that went fast.

Rates for the accommodations range from WST120 to WST 400. It varies from open fales that may be occupied by single tourists up to couples with kids. There’s a Garden Fale, Tui Moana Ensuite, Sunset Waterfront Fale and Tui Moana Family Room. Additional people may be accommodated in which charges range from WST55 children and WST 95 for adults. (Prices may vary seasonally.)


Light breakfast the next day was served and the sea-view was gleaming. Not much bacon or ham or sausage but good bread, tasty creamy butter, self-service coffee and lots and lots of fruits will do fine. Western and continental breakfast may be ordered and is not included in the breakfast buffet.

Dinner buffet is available on weekends and grillery is open as early as around 6pm. Choices can be made a-la-carte and it doesn’t disappoint.


There are tons of tours and activities the resort offers. There’s fishing service assistance where you some of the locals ride with you and would bring you to the place perfect for documenting a catch! Prices range from WST400 to WST1600.

This coming April 14-17, fishing enthusiasts might be interested to witness, Fish Savai’i, a game fishing tournament that the hotel will be hosting. So if you’re over at the island, you may be just lucky to experience it. Besides that you can go diving, kayaking, and sightseeing.

Other events such as weddings, school trips and reunions may also be booked at Va-I-Moana. So do plan for a holiday in Savai’i. For sure, you may find many more hotels around the island but this one brings home close to you while choosing to be ocean’s apart from the real world. You may check their page on Facebook or book through their website. Here’s a sneak peak of our 4 days, 3 night trip!


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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