Red Coconut Hotel Boracay 2022

Looking for a good getaway from the stress the COVID pandemic era had brought you this past couple of years? Red Coconut Hotel Boracay could be just the right accommodation for you and your family. Here’s why.

Sit and relax with a great view with a book at hand and a cocktail in the other!

My latest experience was affordable, peaceful, and rejuvenating. Situated at Station 2, I didn’t have to ride the tricycle because almost everywhere is within walking distance.

The last visit that I had was way back in 2013. But taking this route served me well. I have always travelled by air when going home to Romblon but because of limited flights, I had to settle a way by sea. Not as fast but it gets me to my destination and boy am I glad to spend a couple of days in the beautiful Boracay.

I have heard a lot of changes applied at the time of Duterte as president. The shores were freed from crowding due to different braiding stations and massage beds that went out of control. Vendors had their own alleys and restaurants operated in perimeters. Above all, it was clean. 

The view I have while eating a yummy breakfast at Red Coconut Hotel Boracay…


Post-COVID vacation routes somehow could go a long way. It’s not as grand of a feeling knowing that you have to book a quarantine hotel months before your flight to Home Kong. It’s not just stressful thinking you might get infected in the process, but it’s also costly. So here’s an affordable accommodation I came across in pursuit of the smoothest route to my home province, Romblon.

Only one thing resonates in my mind after 20 minutes of freestyle swimming and a selfie. Brunch!

The room rate I paid was a little over a thousand Hong Kong dollars which was their standard room rate for two people for those couple of nights. Meaning, that I was entitled to two sets of breakfast. I would like to emphasize affordability from this because it was a big serving each that consuming two can almost stand for a “buffet breakfast”.

After a good workout by the sea, this served as my brunch setting breakfast time at 10 am. I didn’t feel hungry until around 5 pm which best fit that intermittent fasting I had adapted into. helped me land this sweet package through which I had stayed loyal. I must admit those reward points gave me a huge discount with Deluxe Pool Side accommodations with free WIFI, good acoustic music on a Sunday, a great view upon waking up and while eating breakfast, and most of all, safety.

I booked it a month in advance so that, also probably helped. But all of these affordable services which don’t need to be booked in advance are definitely worth it. For those who are making a living overseas and would see these prices, they’ll all say the same thing. “It’s not expensive at all!”

A colleague from work asked if it was expensive. I replied, “You tell me” after sending this price list.


I prioritize safety alongside affordability. I would rather pay more for accommodation that is 150% safe.

The view of the hotel on a Sunday night. Notice the acoustic singer on the right giving the diners great background music until 10 pm. You may request a song too.

Guest feedback was convincing about Red Coconut Hotel Boracay’s tidiness. It exceeded my expectations as rooms were kept safe and clean as per request. Toiletries were supplied and towels were changed daily. They were extra vigilant with their room service delivering it not only in covered plates but also, wrapped up carefully. Rooms were assigned electronic keys programmed to function by your designated booking dates and also registered of your check-out time. 

The bar played acoustic music only until 11 pm and you can just indulge in that serene cool summer breeze of the evening all the way through as you sit by your own veranda. Or you may indulge in a social drink or two by the bar downstairs whose servers are not only friendly but also dependable.

Filipinos, with their hospitable trait, are naturally protective. They are courteous and respectful if you would do the same, most especially if you initiate giving it out first.

I consider cleanliness as part of safety. If your room is clean, it’s safe from rodents and insects, and diseases brought by it. The bathroom also had a great water source and was clean and sanitized all throughout. I didn’t experience any blackouts, WIFI problems, or drinking water shortages.

The mini fridge helped me preserve my bubble milk tea perfectly well. The air conditioning system functioned flawlessly accommodating me after a hot walk outside. Most of the time, I went home for refuge from the sun. LOL!

I didn’t benefit at all from the TV because I had my laptop with me where I accessed NETFLIX while working (from home) more comfortably.


Red Coconut Hotel takes pride in its grilled food served for lunch and dinner. Because I had huge brunches during those two days I stayed there, I always dined out whenever I felt hungry during my walks. I didn’t get to taste their speciality but that charcoal smell haunts me until now.

I was too full by the time I get back to the hotel so I didn’t have the chance to try it but I do cook. So, the smoke from their grills awoke my mind with familiar Filipino flavours I grew to know by heart. Flavours that involved calamansi, garlic, local soy sauce, and black pepper.

Upon check-in, you are to collect your breakfast stubs from the front desk. Hold on to that because you’ll be presenting this until check-out time. Servers will just check out the dates written down just to make sure, so secure it from getting misplaced or lost.

Tocilog is one of the famous breakfast staples in the Philippines. It’s a dish called so because of having tocino (sweetly marinated boiled then fried pork – I know, that sounds complicated, sinangag (garlic rice), and itlog (sunny-side up egg) it stands for.

Now, I loved eating breakfast here because you sit on one side, it’s facing the pool. Sit on the other, it’s facing the sea. It is beyond relaxing – it’s meditative.

I taught pre-schoolers this past school year so, I appreciated the serenity moments like these offered.

Drizzled with a most-awaited catch-up with Amigas via video call, it was such a short, yet sweet stay in Red Coconut Hotel.

All that I had in my mind was how I wanted to share such a relaxing time with my family and loved ones.

So, I highly recommend this to all of you who had too much of the pandemic affectation. The germophobe in me whispered to still wear my mask in public places but most of the time, people were far away from each other so, it was alright to take it off from time to time.


Of course not everything is perfect. Since the place is nearby the seashore, don’t expect that you’ll have rides bringing you all the way in. You have to do a 5-8 minute walk from the main road to the hotel lobby. Red Coconut Hotel would arrange transportation if you are to fly out easily but I had to arrange mine on my own because I was travelling to Romblon which was a rare route to take.

I didn’t expect strict transportation booking so when I went down to the reception that evening, the lady at the front desk gave me a hopeless answer. The lady said it had to be booked at least a day early. Luckily, people from the sea port gave me their card so I was able to do so even around 11 pm via text booking.

In the end, it was all sorted out and they came in right on time. To be safe, you have to book transportation for any sort of outbound travel from Boracay island at least 3 hours before to give ample time for the land and boat trip to Caticlan Airport.

I hope this review of the Red Coconut Hotel Boracay this 2022 would answer queries from prospective guests. For reference, I stayed there from July 3-5, 2022.

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