It was 1978 when Grease, a musical comedy that made a name, became one of the most influential and iconic box offices hits in the world. With Bonnie Tyler’s single entitled, I Need a Hero becoming a part of its original soundtrack in 1981, Footloose followed its footsteps. Meanwhile, Jane Fonda was leading her workout videos in unitards, leggings, and headbands. Who would have thought that a combination of these would help a group win an award at the World of Dance Competition 2019?

The Dance Company, TDC would. In fact, they had no doubt that they will win with these inspiration backing them up. Because of these musicals and movies featuring dance and remarkable choreography, dance had become widely accepted as a form of art that expresses one’s self more than anything else. It led people into embracing new types and it also paved the way for innovation.

Evolution often times can be seen in the competitions, contests, auditions, and recitals as styles got developed and honed.

TDC had been an active dance group that continuously participates in competitions, particularly, the World of Dance. As a family, they share a mission statement of accepting dance as something that should be accessible to everybody.

They have stood up for their mission statement when they performed amazingly at the World of Dance Winners Circle (World Division) to the tune of old songs from Grease, Footloose and Dirty Dancing. How? Well, these kids were not born yet during that era. They were not quite familiar with these songs until perhaps they started loving dance classes. But somehow, they killed it with their portrayal of each as they presented a dance medley at the said competition.

Big hair, big smiles, energetic throws. I must admit, I didn’t expect it from them. Superb number. I thought it deserved more credit than being in second place. If there was an award for the choreography as well, it should have won the top award.


Here is the said 5-minute performance that will surely take your breath away.

What a performance! The wigs, the costumes, the vibe? Everything was en pointe! I love every bit of it though I had to watch it around three times just so to make sure I didn’t miss a thing that was happening on stage. And to reiterate, yes! It’s a breath-taking performance literally because if you’d make sense of it, it was a full-on non-stop lively performance. I must say, this must-have left them breathless the first weeks of rehearsal. But kids, flooding with passion and adrenaline, it must be a walk in the park.

Well, besides the honor they have earned from the world, I thought I could hail them once more here at I Value My Life for my #swagginSaturday. This piece was beyond great, these kids are beyond remarkable. Keep it up TDC! F

or the meantime, get hold of a feature of the now expecting Chachi Gonzales together with other remarkable dancers of our time by clicking here.


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