Publish those blogs you had written for a decade with the help of this magical guide!

Since the time I had met Nina Amir, writer of “How To Blog A Book”, in person at the Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference in Los Angeles last year, 2016, I was driven to take my passion in writing up a notch. Besides inspiring me with her topic of becoming an authorpreneur, she doesn’t have an idea that she served as my “push” in establishing my website.

Her book, “How To Blog A Book” talked to me straight up as I read it. I could almost say that this is the ‘no-filter’ guide you need in putting your book idea in writing and building a business model around it.

You see, blogging for 10 years had made me develop my writing skill immensely. From writing out my opinion on just about anything (I know now how annoying that could be…) into travel writing and featuring inspirational people, I can’t emphasise more on how thankful I had ended becoming mature given that much freedom in the internet. So many people are actually asking me how I had kept up with it all this time, why I do it and the most common question is, “How much do you earn from it?”. Honest to God, I do it for me and not for money. And that’s the seed that Nina Amir poured water and fertiliser on.

A colouring book and a motivational book for aspiring writers. This book is so cool!

Outside every lecture room, by the halls, during the writing conference, books were sold to cater to any aspiring writer attendee’s needs as far as “how to write properly” is concerned. With so many choices, I had to pick the ones I find conforming to my aspirations as a writer because I don’t want to fly back with an excess baggage weight just because of it. I purchased this “How To Blog A Book” since I blog and another of Nina Amir’s called, “Creative Visualisation for Writers”. It is a work book that aids a writer to be visually stimulated whilst procrastinating when writing. So, even if you find yourself on a halt having a writer’s block, your mind gets to still be working creatively by colouring the pages and designs, researched to enhance the subconscious mind to flow with ideas.

Nina Amir, lecturing about becoming an authorpreneur, #WDNWC2016

The funny thing is, I didn’t know her yet at the time I bought the books and then the next day at Santa Anita Hall of Hotel Bonaventure, I was swept away with the impact realizing that it’s her who wrote the two most helpful books I got from the conference (I only got 3). I can’t help but think that’s how powerful she is as a writer that the book resonated with its title alone. I didn’t let a moment pass without talking to her about my idea of a creative school and she first advised me to nurture my book idea. She told me that with the way I talked about my style of writing, she felt that I write by heart. And I got caught off-guard admitting right then and there that that’s true about myself.

with Nina Amir herself at the Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference 2016, Los Angeles, CA

As per advice, I am putting together the things that I wrote for 10 years, stitching it up with logical transitions and would be putting it out as an e-book with further research, more information and fresh ideas to ponder on. Thanks to “How To Blog A Book”.

What to expect from this book?

It offers a logical sequence of the things you should set up. You are wondering how to put up that website? It offers an array of resources and it even has a bonus of the plugins you should accustom it with. It encourages you to invest on the content of your writing and it got options you may want to consider such as publishing your own work, figuring out if what you want to write is a book or an e-book and most of all, it makes you aware of the importance of SEO (search engine optimisation) and audience reaction. All the jargon that you have difficulty understanding is tackled piece by piece. I just love it.

Amazon is offering “How To Blog A Book” for US$13.49. I bought it for US$15.99 so, take advantage of the discount.  As for the “Creative Visualisation for Writers“, Amazon sells it for US$13.38. I had bought it for US$19.99. Happy reading!

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