The New Year’s is known for resolutions, new discoveries, letting go of the past, and embracing anew. But starting a new chapter should include the source of all of this energy, which is… your house.

A new interior could create a new flow of energy. Revamping it for the coming year could be a jumpstart to a lot of your planned goals. It’s good to get hold of options while doing some decision-making. Here are some of the things that are making a name to complete the 2020 look for your home.


There’s great regard for minimalism since the Konmari method of Marie Kondo had gone widely known through Netflix. While decluttering seems to be her very secret in keeping everything tidy, it remains a challenge for some people. And so, it seems like ottomans are a great solution for it.

This furniture is versatile enough to increase seating capacity, add storage, and improve a room’s aesthetics with limitless upholstery compatibility, even leather. It’s easy to move, pair with your other furniture and could adapt whether you want to go for a classic or modern contemporary touch for your interior.


A powerful blow for any interior this year is anything geometrical. Carpets, wallpapers, furniture, and decor. One reminder from Luxe Interiors is to go bold and fearless when using geometrical patterns.

Flooring, kitchen walls, and plain art may benefit from it as you use tiles to form unique patterns. Framing is also a way to apply this trending style. Combining this with interesting colors could liven up a room in an instant which gives way to the next interesting recommendation.

Geometric kitchen walls made up of flowery tiles give an all-white kitchen an umph.

Graphic Walls

Familiar with murals? Then just add some spice to it by choosing funky graphic art which many Instagrammers seem to feature as they pass through it in the streets. Bring it in the house and see how dynamic it could traverse into your mental vibrancy.

Adopt a huge Marilyn Monroe laughing-in-the-air picture and convert it to a comic filter. Surprise your guests by baring a staircase with it or embrace nostalgia by decorating your ceiling with it. The potential in each craftwork keeps curiosity flowing in a room endlessly.

I took this photo here in Hong Kong because of this catchy background. Nowadays, people are more daring in designing their walls with similar graphics.
There are those who like this chimpanzee particularly since it connects with the 2 vases on the side.
SONY DSC – Has a little similarity because of the headphones. But equally shouts, “I am an artist” nevertheless brings good energy.

Going coastal

With today’s busy lifestyle, adopting a coastal design for an interior could be your daily source of serenity and downtime. Setup your living room with breezy hues like green and blue. Choose sandy patterns and striped throw pillow covers to add up to the sailor vibe or a beachy feel.

It allows a meditative force to enter your home which gives way to the much-needed relaxation and silence. This is hard to acquire nowadays because of technology alone. Though it could also help in a lot of things, traditionalists may try this interior design and just let themselves go of what’s hard to keep up with. Like gadgets and how they start to rule our lives.

Credits to Pinterest for this image.

Going smart with your new appliances

Alexa, CCTV, Fire TV Stick are all part of the gadgets that may compliment your calling for a minimalist interior. Many technological companies nowadays are putting effort into making smart appliances affordable and available for the majority’s reach. Setting aside the fear that robots will take over our jobs, our lives, and our families, smart appliances could be its earliest form. These programmable gadgets, devices, and security controls come in 2 s’s. Sleek and stealth. Most of them are customizable according to how you would design your cupboards, ceilings, and furniture. Connect your lighting system with it, your coffeemaker, and your airconditioning system, to name a few. Since it does voice commands, remote controls are under control by going ‘non-existent’ or ‘irrelevant’.

Rustic is fantastic

Monochromes and raw designs give justice to rustic interiors. My sister or featured homes that mostly exude this style. She featured her DIY pipe table and plank wall if you want to take some inspiration on how easy this can be done. Just gather the materials together, apply the vision by allowing it to play on gray, wood and black and white tones.

This is a totally rustic look by They DIY-ed this plank wall where they featured how in one of their blog posts.

There are also accents that you could use to build up this look. Here are more samples initiated by this wonderfully designed wall that gives this toilet room a pronounced relaxing vibe than just a plain white wall.

Anything sustainable is good.

Last but not least, awareness, among people, is starting to spread like wildfire. No pun intended on the bushfire that just recently happened in Australia, but it had been indeed an awakening for most who aren’t taking global warming seriously. Greta Thunberg, the Swedish environmental activist, is right after all. That’s why sustainable furniture and recycled resources are more than trending. It is actually slowly having a life of its own in terms of fame.

This fits a themed interior perfectly.

Making good use of these crates and excess wooden frames are superb.

Interior design should not be limited only to the home. Consider how it could set the branding of a certain bookstore or an art gallery.

While this little wall here deserves Belle only for what it’s worth. This could serve as a setting for a scene for commercial spaces that hold photoshoots and videotaping.

There you go folks, I hope you got an idea from all of these samples here. As much as you can, save the earth, it’s the most important thing to do. Consider this fact while you build up your plan for some house revamping.


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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