Happening this Saturday in King’s Park will be the first rugby league test match for the year 2017.

The Japanese Rugby League team had landed last night to grace the first rugby league test match. It took two years for Hong Kong to embrace Rugby League as a sport. Some spectators think it could lead to a “union hotbed”. But the Hong Kong Rugby Union supports Hong Kong Rugby League. Both assure no issues in between could hinder Rugby League from coming in.

Photo credits to South China Morning Posts’ (SCMP) article on Nov. 2, 2017.

The Hong Kong Rugby League Team had been practicing two hours a day, three times a week for over a month. After selecting its members for the upcoming game this Saturday, the team will seal the preparation they’ve done by a social dinner tonight. The Japanese Rugby League Team and the Hong Kong Rugby League Team would embrace camaraderie on top of their intention to win.


It is crucial to explain the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League but here’s a 5-minute video to explain.

Now, that we’ve established how rules separate one from each, we have an understanding of how Rugby League owns the simplest rules. It has fewer players than the Rugby Union’s 15’s, so expect that King’s Park will be on fire this Saturday.

With the element of excitement, thirteen men from each team are expected to give out their best even though this is just a test match. SCMP writes that the players have had their fair share in playing for different Rugby Union clubs here in Hong Kong. Yet, with a careful selection and Hong Kong Rugby Union’s supportive consideration for Rugby League to be welcomed in Hong Kong, doubts were put to a minimum whether it will overwhelm Rugby Union’s premiership in the country. To grow the game, you should have international representation. If you can have an international side, and if it’s of a fairly decent standard, success drives success.”. This is Metcalfe to SCMP.


400 playing and non-playing members compose the Hong Kong Rugby League. Seventeen will be playing on Saturday. The team players, who are from Australia, Samoa, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom, have to complete a 5-year residency to be considered in the team. Try-outs were from known Rugby Union Clubs. Valley Broncos, Hong Kong Scottish Reivers, Wan Chai Warriors and Kowloon Tigers to name a few. Valley RFC reign as the Premiership champions for 2017.

Neville Metcalfe stands as the chairman of the Hong Kong Rugby League and who’s the Regional IT director. With much gusto, he expects Hong Kong to beat Japan this Saturday. Admittingly, grand players from the Premiership didn’t come forward to try. Hong Kong Rugby League has not yet established enough funds to pay every player at a pro-rate. The championships could be the window for huge sponsors to come. As for Rugby Union having some big ones like Cathay Pacific, the Rugby League has full of potential.


It’s such a great idea to bring Hong Kong Rugby League finally. With intentions of keeping countries bound through sports, it’s remarkable that social connections get established. Attracting spectators and rugby enthusiasts from overseas, add revenue to Hong Kong’s GDP. Most of all, it opens to an opportunity for Hong Kong to hold prestige by winning as champions.

Immerse yourself with something different this weekend by coming to support the Hong Kong Rugby League team. Don’t forget, the match will kick-start at 9pm, at King’s Park.Here’s a map to lead you to the right away! Admission is for FREE!!!


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