HKRL starting line-up for today’s game at theat the Sogo Ground of Inagi Chuo Park in Inagi City, Tokyo.

There you have it folks! Hong Kong Rugby League had shown great courage flying with a committed heart all the way to Japan to show what they got. Heads on with their only purpose, to win their game against Japan.

Last November, 2017, Japan had graced Hong Kong of its National Rugby League Team to have a test game against Hong Kong. It was the first time for 852 to come up with its team for the Rugby League. Hong Kong had its line up done one month before the kick-off and they showed a promising game despite coming together in a short time.

As rugby league breezed its way through the Rugby League 9’s tournament, its entrance to Hong Kong progressed successfully. Eight months after their first encounter with Japan, Hong Kong was invited for another International Hong Kong Rugby League game. This time at the homeland of the former winners of the battle last year.

From the beginning of their game, Hong Kong Rugby League had shown promising offence with Hogan Toomalatai of the Hong Kong Pacific Toa scoring two tries bringing advancement to the team. Japan was giving it a good come back but their tackles were not enough to stop the Hong Kong team. With its confidence intact and built all the way, their defence were unbeatable as well and their follow-up kicks were flawless. It supported the tries each of them worked hard for.

Great pulse, great team work that resulted to 32-20 in favour of Hong Kong! Gus Spence, scored a try and so did Craig McMurrich. Ghislain Bayleyte, who claims his centre position, served Hong Kong with another try. Working together with Hogan Toomalatai, the man of the match, who finished the game with 3 tries. Conversions by Gus Spence (x 1) and Richard Lindsay (x 3) helped the team set its pace of winning.

Japan and Hong Kong saying a prayer altogether after the game.

The most beautiful part of the game was the ending where both countries showed great respect to each other. Honoring the outcome that everybody was safe and everybody was able to show their best through a prayer sealed history at its best.



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