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As I go through my own line up for today, let me share to you a good list to choose from. My list is set from my most favourite to the least but all of these are golden in my heart and mind. But one thing I’m very sure of is that they are worth your time. So, get that popcorn ready or that Cheetos ASAP!

My personal list of TV series for 2017 starts with:


Currently ogled of its first episode after a long break to kick-start its Season 7, the Game of Thrones is a series about kingdoms over universal reign. Dragons, immortal white walkers, incest, mass murder, human stallions and wolves… how was that put together? That’s for you to find out. If you don’t know what G.O.T. is by now, you might be missing on one of the greatest stories ever written after Harry Potter.

Daenarys Targaryen, Mother of the Dragons


Gabriel Macht plays as the infamous Harvey Spector in SUITS.

This series revolve around a bunch of lawyers where sarcasm pairs with its sense of humour. Wonderfully, it is very intellectually arousing and it redefines sexy with witty, confidence and suits. Personally, Harvey Spector should be played by

somebody else but as each new season kicks in,I’m getting convinced why they picked Gabriel Machts to play this role. The parallelism between him and Gina Torres as the famous Pearson Harvey senior partners of the law firm depicts the very reason for justice – fairness and equality. Both powerful and equally influential as a team. Meanwhile, the underlying plot of Harvey hiring a genius associate, whose memory is like a xerox machine, who isn’t a Harvard graduate (which is the Pearson Specter List Law Firm’s first requirement) will put you to the edge of your seat at each deposition, each trial, at each episode. I should’ve started describing suits as a series revolving around “liars” and not lawyers. But the interesting part is the biggest WHY they do it. But will ends justify the means? I’ll leave that for you to figure.


Episodes will get stirred up starting from a simple PapSmear procedure gone bad that ended up getting Jane (the back story about how she was still a virgin? I won’t spoil it for you.) pregnant. Before you say that sucks, the aftermath was the worse. A taste of Spain through their words and ways, police work and step sisters are dealt with along 
the way. The story line is pretty laid back and is just more on laughs. Gina Rodriguez is a good actress in portrayal of Jane as she acts out every pregnant person’s mixture of emotions: she’s funny, smart, she’s simple, her face lights up when it needs to and is convincing enough when something depressing is to be brought to the watchers. She is addicting.


Who loved the ARCHIE’s Comics like me? Well, here is a series that made our favourite characters (Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Miss Grundy, Mr. Weatherbee) come to life. It actually introduces different in the pilot episode but slowly, the characters come in so, it’s the Archie’s in a suspense, mystery thriller for a plot. The make up artists have done a great job here.

from left to right: Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jughead


Ryan Phillippe stars in this series as a war veteran who had given up on anything that involves his skill as a sniper shooter. Yet fate still calls him to serve his purpose. Precise calculations of the wind, the angle where the shot is going to be taken and the very place (in x-y coordinates) where it’s going to come from is all presented in a calculated way, with the logistics, graphs and maths! It’s high-tech and it’s presentation is one-of-a-kind.


Starred by the award-winning Winona Ryder as a mom of the 12-year-old Will who went missing into a different dimension where aliens are involved. Its setting is in the 80s which made it truly appealing. I will make these awards garnered just with its first season’s release talk on their own: (1) Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series; (2) Producers Guild of America Award – Norman Felton Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Television – Drama; (3) Milly Bobby Brown – MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Actor in a Show; (4) MTV Movie & TV Awards for Show of the Year.


This is about 2 couples almost reaching 70 years old when the ladies’ spouses admit that they are not only best friends but they had been secret lovers for forty years. As shattered as they may seem, they had to stay afloat by rediscovering themselves and ending up being in the journey together. The most unexpected event happened and they end up sticking with each other, the person that took their forever away.


This is by far the most disturbing series I’ve ever watched in my life. Each episode is not related from the first to the next so you can actually just watch them separately. It touches the power of internet on us. It’s like when you think there’s nobody watching you, that’s the time, there is actually someone looking at you. In the series, this is through our mobile devices, laptop cameras and CCTV. Each episode touches a nerve because it is actually happening and perhaps you are that exact person in the episode.



Besides the controversy it comes with its title, I love the confidence of Logan Browning, playing the DJ who stirs awareness in the entire campus awakening the student body of color. As it builds tension, it keeps me watching. And that is a remarkable approach by the writer. It stirs emotions and surprisingly, it keeps you going for “more” tension. On top of that personal note, it makes you sigh that this “post”-racial era is still suffering from injustice, political slips, inconsolable differences.


You’ll see English men versus the traditional folks involving red Indians in this series that Jason Momoa produced himself. He’s not just a pretty face for supporting this story line. But, it shows how he’s mindful of the roles he takes and the script he puts attention to. The new aqua man for Justice League, Jason Momoa, is the star in this series, who’s a white man siding on the Red Indians.

Happy watching guys!

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