D-Park along Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan. Photo credit to: Benoy

D-PARK, also known as Discovery Park, is the first multi-intelligence mall that was ever built to cater to kids from 1 to 92.

the walkway that will actually put you into anticipation, giving you a hint that D-Park entrance is near

From Tsuen Wan MTR Station, you can reach D-Park through an air-conditioned walkway in just 5 minutes. It starts to become a kid’s paradise once you are around its bright-coloured walls complimented by playful countdown of number decor from 10 to 1. My 2-year old daughter usually knows when we’re near this “Shopping Park” because of these numbers. The warm vibe includes a huge space that welcomes kids and parents dramatically. It makes them instantly liberated of the usual Hong Kong compartmentalized offices and local malls. Its glass roof allows natural sunlight to come in and light up the play area. This is also where parents could sit down and linger while their kids are having the best time of their lives. Trusted establishments like SPAO, H&M, Toys R’ Us, Bumps to Babes, FUSION, Japan Home Centre and my personal favourite Modern House fill D-Park as well.


D-Park’s brand aims to stay as Hong Kong’s 1st “parent-oriented shopping mall”. It is called “Shopping Park” originating from an idea that it is a park and a mall combined.

The mall is 630,000 sq ft (59,000 m2). It got themes between tropical rain forest and kiddie jungle separating its wings leading to different shops and eateries. Its mascots are animals that you see in the jungle led by a boy named Donut. List of services and establishments maybe found in their website. My favourites include the E3 Club, the indoor play area, the outdoor playground and the race lane. My toddler may not need the nursery room anymore but it still amazes me that they have a 5-star facility for such needs.

This mall assures not just the kids of a fun time but it also provides an easy accommodation for the parents if they come with a newborn. They have made the interior so cozy by putting familiar and trusted coffee shops. There’s Starbucks coffee where Dad can relax. And mommy goes shopping or goes with their little one to play around the mall. Proximity of each establishment towards each other is dynamically designed. This way, you can relax while you keep an eye on your child.


This is a family party play land that stimulates toddlers’ interest in so many ways. There are colourful play tents and huge blocks that they could learn to put together into becoming tall toy robots. Role-playing games as a police driver is accessible too. Computer simulation consoles maybe enjoyed. And the ball pool, inflated slides and many more are all in there. You may pay for a certain time but you can also register for the long haul and garner discounted membership.

This was a funny shot. My daughter doesn’t like the flower and so she was ignoring this nice staff of E3 Club. She was more on like, “Let me drive away” – mode.
This is the police car where she could be inventive of many buttons in front of her. She gets to practice how to do calls via the mobile phone and I believe you can put the sirens on too.


This is the bottom of this mini play house and the first floor is where you could play with the babies and the kitchen shown in the previous photo.

If you worry about hygiene, every facility in D-Park requires all entrants, especially the kids, to disinfect their hands for prevention of contamination. I don’t mind staying all afternoon here because I also enjoy this much toys inside. Call it therapy. The space to run around is huge. Toy cars (little likes) are available for use under adult provision. They have staff roaming around to help and to suggest other features of the play house.

Tip: Shoes aren’t allowed, so remember to bring extra socks with you. And this tip goes to almost all playing areas.


The indoor playground is usually designed depending on the season you’ve come to visit. It changes every now and then but the very flooring remains the same. It’s not direct hard cement. It’s covered with a special material that feels like cork-like mats. Some grids are also covered with anti-skid surface.

The very first floor of D-Park is just an open space for all the kids to explore, run around, play on and mingle in. Specifically, at the indoor play area which is free but shared commonly.

When you feel tired, you can just go to the delicious restaurants that surrounds the open area. There’s Pizza Hut, Pokka Cafe, Burger House and many more. Our personal favourite is Outback Restaurant. Though it’s not by the ground floor area, it’s still located at a decent distance from the playground. And my daughter becomes suddenly cooperative in finishing her dinner when we tell her that the sooner she finishes her food, we get to have more time to play by the indoor play area. There’s also the Modern House at the bottom floor which is like a mini IKEA but their theme is beautifying your home while accommodating kids’ interests.

Tip: Notice the train tracks around the indoor play area? There is a certain time, characters of the kiddie jungle come out to do a parade around the hall and they have show stops where kids can take photos with D-Park characters.


As you can see in this photo, the outdoor play area leads directly to the Toys R’ Us toy store. My daughter always get attracted to go there and shop for something. Just be ready for distraction if you don’t want to end up overspending too much on toys.

This is another spacious playground where a huge whale serves as an obstacle walkway for the kids. You are helping your kid’s imagination while letting him around the whale. The outdoor play area is also filled with colours, artsy decor where kids can climb, jump from and gain balance skills with. It’s a playground like no other.

The good thing about both of these two playgrounds is that, it’s free! Just bring enough water, a towel for wiping your kids’ sweat off and a good set of clothes.

Tip: The outdoor area is more for the kids who need minimal help as the facilities are physically challenging and maybe dangerous for the very little ones.


This was a good 10-15 minute ride for HK$45. It’s pretty pricey but my daughter truly had a great time and she hugged me after this and said, “I Love You.” That moment was priceless.

After each time we go to D-Park, my daughter and I wrap it up with a quick snack at McDonald’s. Their main ordering system is through these kiosks making it easier for moms because they don’t have to line up whatsoever.


McDonald’s kiosks accept octopus cards and credit cards to ease you into ordering with your little ones.

There are also lockers that is available for those parents who maybe commuting coming here. They may need to bring a lot of baby stuff that’s why. There’s a personnel that can help you in the procedure on how to use it and they help you estimate how much time you should rent the locker services. Usually, it depends on the time you plan to spend in the shopping park.

These lockers accept coins.

Tip: Upon reaching Tsuen Wan, take exit A3 to Discovery Park. There are signs that you could follow. It is a long walk but it’s good exercise for you and the kids. And the walkway is stroller friendly with its smooth flooring and downward slope.

Finally, here are the other facilities that you may find helpful by looking closely through the images. As you bring your angels to school as it starts once again, I hope you could experience this mall soon before.












Mommies, make sure you finish your little one’s summer holidays with a bang. As you welcome the coming school days, slowly involve their creative minds into something educational yet still fun. Enjoy D-Park!!!!



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