A night with Lani Wendt Young

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Telesa series
Captivating series by Lani Wendt Young, the Telesa Series.

LANI WENDT YOUNG, author of the Telesa Series and most recently released the Scarlet Series, will be talking about the digital age, racism, and controversy.

The outgoing and outspoken Samoan Maori author, journalist and columnist, had been touring around schools in New Zealand. She was busy meeting young adults to inspire them to write, speak up and to explore their creativity. In collaboration with the New Zealand Book Council, Lani will be at Wellington High School. She will be talking about current issues in which all of us got involved in one way or another.

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Photo credit to Ms. Lani’s poster from her Twitter account. (asked for consent to share)

Being theĀ 2018 ACP Pacific Laureate, she gives insights about becoming a woman of color in the writing industry and how your roots are worth writing about. Prior to this night with Lani, she had given lectures of inspiration to students, and have had radio interviews and TV guestings. The latter, she thought, was scarier than talking about books to the 300 students since Ms. Lani had always been a homebody.

Recently, she had been embracing physical training with her Ironman husband. She shares a lot about it in her Twitter account. Not only could it drive you into embracing a healthy lifestyle too, but there’s something in her fierce way of writing her thoughts that is worth reading for a few minutes in a day for a dose of entertainment, motivation, education, or parental advice… or more of a parental vent out (for having 5 children). She’s humorous, intellectual and fearless.

So if you’re eager to see her and hear her personally, and are willing to learn a thing or two, be an open vessel. Be there before 6:00 pm. August 28, that’s tomorrow, at Wellington High school. You may avail of tickets through bookcouncil.org.nz. or at https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/lani-wendt-young-stories-from-the-wild-tickets-64404616943.


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