hot spring hotel at Yilan
Duoai Mineral Spring

Duoai Mineral Spring may be just the place you need after a busy work week. Taiwan, being one of the friendliest, most hospitable and most interesting country I have ever been, always attracts me to go back for a visit. This time, I had the chance to see and feel Yilan.

Yilan Taiwan is known for its hot springs, seafood and whale watching. It is derived from the aboriginal Taiwanese tribe called¬†Kavalan.¬†It lies on the northeastern of Taiwan, also called the Republic of China. While it was officially appointed as a county of the Republic of China, its official name was transliterated as “Ilan” in 2009.

My family and I, like any other, look forward to accommodations when going on a holiday trip. Having a hotel for a residence make us go for something extraordinary. As we visited Yilan, Taiwan a jaw-dropping, well-interiored room welcomed us. For a family of 4-5, you can simply enjoy a 2-storey “room” that houses a hot spring tub good for 2-3 people.

For big families that are looking for an accommodation that can hold up to 10, here’s a very good suggestion.

Accommodations that can hold 2 families of 5…

Located at, Taiwan Yilan Jiaoxi Township No.2 Lane 34, Xinyi Road is the Duoai Mineral Spring. It magically holds 2 storeys, a hot spring tub and a terrace upfront. My husband and I are impressed with the interior. The bathroom usually is hidden in a corner. Or tucked away kind of but here in Duoai, it is up front and occupies a huge deal of space. From the wide windows that separate it directly from the living room, daylight is allowed to seep in since the other side of the bathroom opens up huge windows yet again and, permitered by the terrace.

hot spring hotel in Yilan
Here’s the accordion style partition that conjoins our two big rooms.


My daughter and her cousins had great fun in here. They were excited of its interior and it allowed them to sleep altogether upstairs. If you’re worried with the toilet being too revealing, a huge curtain can cover the entire window panel. Just find a partner to assure that it’s closed because with our kids, we were always at risk with the way they play. And the more you said no to them, the more they wanted to open it up. Lol!

Duoai room
This is one of the conjoined rooms. Notice how the windows open up to daylight and there’s just that window panel that separates the living room from the bathroom. Also, see how maximised the space is with minimal furniture and purposeful spiral stairs. That sofa bed where my husband lies is a sofa bed that can be occupied by two people.

These rooms come with strong WIFI signal, free parking around the area, needed amenities and free extra bed for babies 0-3 years old. Strictly, civilians 20 years old and below are considered a minor, therefore, would not be granted of admission.

second level of Duoai rooms
The second level looks like this. It has a zen-feel as the beds are not too elevated from the floor. It just has a toilet and a sink without bath. I am holding onto a partition that separates the closets and shoe cabinets from the beds. It was truly amazing how its interior designer had made it functional.


Depending on the season, prices start from US$700+. Their suites can accommodate 4 adults and kids under 3 are free. Only 1 extra bed can be added if there are more than 4 occupying the suites. For a price of TWD$300 additional for kids who are 3-12. For those aged 12 years and up, it will cost TWD$500/extra bed.

Accommodations come with 4 breakfast coupons and for kids under 3 as well. Each level has its own flat screen TV. It comes with a water boiler, hair dryer and towels. So you don’t have to worry about those. It comes also with 4 decent-sized mineral waters.

Breakfast may look not that much but I really liked the way some of the viands were like home-cooked. Not much selection of bread but it’s better than the Mos Burger breakfast. You can go forth needing no lunch.

Breakfast coupons may be given depending on the package you paid for. We both experienced given of Mos Burger breakfast coupons and that of the standard breakfast of the hotel.


These hot springs extends to decent canals that people can experience just by sitting on the edge of it to dip their feet.

Yilan is somewhat provincial. But outside the hotel are restaurants, stores and things to see and experience. Surrounding the area are the hot spring canals that offer free foot dipping. After a day’s shopping or walking, you can soak your feet in it to get the warm soothing feel of Yilan Hot Springs.

There are also paid ones where small fishes could give you a therapeutic massage. They will gather amass around your feet feeding on excess skin and it gives you a weird ticklish sensation at first. As you get comfortable, you will feel relaxed and it’s a good way to give your feet a rest. May I suggest for you to have the bubble milk tea at hand and bring along a friend to chat with. You owe yourself absence from social media at least for a good 1 hour to complete the rejuvenation process.

This costs TWD$80-100 if you want a whole day package or just a per visit kind of thing. It means, after getting a good soak in the morning, you walk around and shop or go sight-seeing. And then when you come back, since it’s literally at the end of the street of Duoai Hotel, you can go for another soak before heading to calling it a day.


The real deal is the overall experience this accommodation can give you. It’s peaceful, safe and many tourists highly recommend this. Though hailed by many locals too, it exceeded my family’s expectation in terms of comfort, service and facilities. We were able to create good memories here as we laughed, danced and sang together. Polynesians and Filipinos share the same fondness to music and festivities. We came here to celebrate my daughter’s 4th birthday and it was all worth it. Check out some other activities that you could do in Yilan and your 4 days may just not be enough.

Duoai Hotel
Grading for this hotel, 4 stars out of 5!


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