Working a routine that your system needs to adapt to: the id (your physical body),  the super ego (morale) and the ego (ability to reason out), heeds a lot of work. Due to the demands of my work, staying in shape included an 8am workout everyday at least 15 minutes each time. This was a pain at the beginning but this smoothie was one of the reason that makes me go for it.

Try this refreshing smoothie after a good workout!

Working out in the morning is my best daily dose of energy boost. After drinking 480ml of water a few minutes upon waking up, my system slowly awakens and my gut brings me straight to the toilet losing an instant 0.44lbs. How did I come up with an exact record? I weigh myself upon waking up, after doing my business at the toilet, before working out and after. Since February, I was documenting it and it lead me to 2 months to figure out substantial differences in terms of calories burnt and weight lost.

Here’s another guide on how simple tasks burn a lot of calories:

How much calorie does simple task such as walking and climbing the stairs burn?

Now, you might be bothered why I am sharing too much information, sans “toilet business”, but I want to emphasise how important it is to help your metabolism to adapt an active one. From being sedentary and to choosing being active needs help. You can’t just wake up then work out right away. So, from drinking water and allowing peristaltic movement to get ignited with a 2-glass-water push, it’s like putting grease to the gears of your body.

After a burning more than 150 calories at least, your parched body have utilised the remaining food that was not completely churned while you’re asleep. The first thing you’d eat or drink should be worth it. And this smoothie could do you wonders. It is refreshing and rejuvenating big time!

All that you need is to stock your fridge up with bananas and kiwis. And you’re good to go for a week with this. Your body utilises potassium as you build your muscles around the workout program you’ve committed yourself to. You lose a lot of water as well and that includes Sodium and Chlorine. All of these electrolytes help in transmitting impulses within cells hence, they are all equally important. And guess what these two fruits are packed with? The same electrolytes that you are losing!

Serving: roughly 1-2 glasses (240ml-480ml)

Preparation time: 5 minutes depending on how often you’re doing it already


1 medium sized banana

1 pc. kiwifruit

4 cubes of ice

1 tablespoon sugar (Depending on your program if it’s for weight gain or weight loss, you can adjust it however. But I must warn you that if you had purchased both fruits ripe, take it easy on the sugar!)

3 tablespoon of fresh milk or

1 1/2 tablespoon of powdered milk (or whatever protein supplement you’re taking)

I have had a good buy of a shaker from Groupon called Shake N’ Take. It’s for personal use so, the container could serve straight as your tumbler. Just be careful in hitting that blend button though because prolonged pressing could take its toll on the circuit. Press and hold for only 10 seconds each time and allow cooling off in between. The longest you could hold the blend button held for is 20 seconds. Otherwise, you will smell something burning.

You can have one glass after work out and one glass to take at work. And you’re good to go with your fair intake of fruits and you’ll recover from electrolyte loss instantly and in the natural way!

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