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Why was Aaron Carter so skinny? Was it a case of depression? Drug Addiction? AIDS?

Aaron Carter agreed to appear in “The Doctors” which answered all of these for him. “The Doctors” is a show where medical professionals gather together to take on a case with proper consent from the patient as far as disclosing information publicly goes. It helps people who need medical help. They also send out a message to hopeless ones at home the importance of consulting professionals and not to self-medicate.

skinny Aaron Carter
Brothers: Nick Carter (L) and Aaron Carter (R)

Aaron Carter recently collaborated with medical professional at “The Doctors”. “The Doctors” encouraged and supported him in facing his fear of knowing how his reputation had gone from a heart-throb to a disturbingly skinny frame. Step by step, they helped him become aware of his condition. Progress came through after he allowed each diagnosis to sink in.

Taking the first step is always the hardest to do when making decisions painstakingly involving a comfortable lifestyle. Whether it’s starting a new career, committing to a savings plan or as simple as going to the doctor for a check-up becomes so hard. And it’s usually because of the fear of knowing.

Aaron Carter feared knowing what is wrong with him initially. But as soon as he decided to take action on his life, the outcome he wanted to attain slowly became possible.

Since he was young, because of his talent and passion to music, he had gone under the limelight effortlessly. He eased his way to being one of the hottest recording artists probably with the help of his brother Nick Carter who had been crushed on by being one of the Backstreet Boys.

Remarkably, he managed not to live and perform behind his brother’s shadow and became remarkable with his own craft. He was known of the kind of performances he’s capable of doing somersaults during his own concerts. Later on, he lived independently and established himself solo.

After his sister died of substance overdose, he fell into depression. He was clueless on how to cope up from it efficiently. Needless to say, his lavish lifestyle allowed him to gain access on basically everything that he wants to do, everything that he wants to buy at the moment wherever he is. Not too long after that, he had been arrested occasionally from driving under influence of alcohol and marijuana alike.

These privileges could be addicting on its own. And like many others, vulnerability, improper guidance and self-loathing could lead to something unpleasant.


Aaron Carter didn’t get exempted on experiencing life’s tough calls. Though inevitable events like death, frustration and rejection could be bearable to some people and survived upon, he found it too challenging. He admitted that he took it rough holding it together from his sister’s death, his brother’s abandonment and his social profiles blazing with body image criticism. Watch this snippet and you’ll hear it from him personally. (It’s your call to go through all the episodes via the same channel.)

The first thing that was troubling was his self-perception. This led him to developing eating disorders and later on, ulcers that affected him even more. My purpose of sharing his story roots from here. There are many times, we are in denial that we may need help.

This post emphasises why prevention rules over cure. He shared quite an interesting experience because of the complex approach his body needs to heal. Not to mention, its relationship to the psychological stressors that led him into neglecting how his body heeds help.


People from “The Doctors” show advised him extensively. They were supportive from encouraging him to go for voluntary admission to a rehabilitation facility where tasks were planned appropriately to promising him that they will follow up on him until he gets back. They determined  his ability to respond and worked the medical interventions around it specifically. He sealed his commitment to the care plan with great will power.

Upon coming out, he was found volunteering for the community in one of the feeding programs a foundation called “Project Angels” did. This catered his progress all the way through.

From being admitted for 2 straight weeks in a Health and Wellness Facility, he was able to get a few pounds back. By mid-October, he was gaining confidence in posting his progress on Instagram with a before and after images around the time he went for the facility.

But the most important part for Aaron was the feeling of self-achievement by having the ability to give back to the community via a feeding program. He knows that he had been problematic about the eating disorder and he admitted about being conflicted by body image issues on Entertainment Tonight (USA) July 2017. They were proud to feature how he came out of it by November, 2017.


Fast forward to today, Aaron Carter had released another album. Looking way much better from the last interviews, his most recent appearance was at ET Live. He talked about how he loves his life and how he is managing to cope up.

It is amazing and inspiring how he showed bravery in dealing with his health problems by empowering his support system with accountability. It’s quite hard to go out there in public just to be criticised at your lowest point. But he turned it into power by gaining accountability for what he had assigned himself for from the public. It strengthened his persistence in keeping up with his goals. And he did it.


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