Jonalyne Bacus of Talisay, Cebu is dealing with a huge problem. Hers is so extraordinary that it involves not seeing her own toes anymore. What she carries, are her huge breasts, as big as balls of Basketball.

Once again, Jessica Soho creates awareness through the 24-year-old mother of two. She researched on Jonalyne’s condition on how this created a life full of problems and challenges for her and her family. Including the death of her third child due to Meningitis.

Activities of Daily Living for her had become a burden as well because of the limitation her condition had brought her. Even lying down creates a challenge that results to a lot of discomfort.

Jonalyne was diagnosed with Breast Mastitis the first time she consulted the doctors. She’s usually skinny but when she noticed that her breasts were weirdly growing in size despite finishing the 7-day course of the antibiotic given to her then. This altered her lifestyle a lot. She can’t cook, do the laundry, and would need help in taking a bath as well. No bra has her cup size anymore. And her condition induces heat over time as compared to a normal person would feel during an ordinary day.

What’s a bit sad is that she nearly becomes useless because of her limitations when it comes to helping out in the household chores. Attending to the kids is something that the husband had taken over too. She prays for divine intervention but Jessica Soho and her team extended a helping hand.

Jonalyne Bacus

Besides the aid that they gave her family, most especially the kids, with school supplies and new set of clothes, they introduced Jonalyne to a specialist. Finally, doctors had found out that she is suffering from Gestational Gigantomastia. This is a rare benign condition (meaning non-cancerous) but it does continue to grow which could result to a lot of complications. A follow-up will be made much later but for now, they have to watch her hormonal levels being the culprit of her condition. At the moment, she is pregnant again.


This post is not to emphasise on how unfortunate Jonalyne is. It’s more of realising how our perception could play a trick on us when addressing issues that we are going through.

Sometimes, we tend to complain. We tend to question. And most often than not, we think that we own all the problems in the world when we are down. Desperate times could bring out the conceited in us not actually aware that there are people who are far more problematic. The very idea that we are able to read this online right now is a privilege not all have. It’s very simple that we end up taking for granted our blessings.

The video might not come with English translation. If there’s something that you don’t understand. Please feel free to ask.

Disclaimer: I Value My Life is not, at any cost, affiliated to Jessica Soho. But if being interviewed by them counts, I am affiliated to it only for the reason that I am in awe each time she helps feature cases like this. Kudos!


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