After watching that, do you agree with what Jim Carrey said?

While Fashion Week has its fair share of nonsense-ness, well, it’s the same as with EMMY awards, and rugby matches or olympic games, not to mention, Miss Universe pageants and making movies. Just where Jim Carrey is famously known.

It may easily be assumed that Jim Carrey was impolite and dismissive in expressing his views about fashion and icons. During this bit with Catt Sedler, curiosity creeps in if Jim Carrey’s reaction is real or just a part of his bipolaristc way of acting. The way Catt started the accidental interview I may say was off. She shouldn’t have initiated it with “I heard you were wandering in the streets looking for a date to the party, what’s up?”. If she had covered the fashion week for some time, she should have done better than that. What would you expect? Of course he would also be hostile with his answer, sans the alleged death of his ex-girlfriend because of him.

That is another story. What’s your opinion?

Meryl Streep expressed in almost a controversial way at the Golden Globe Awards 2017. She fearlessly mentioned despise of Trump’s arrogant actions towards a media personnel. Read about more here.


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