Islanders never fear getting stranded. They would not mind being one of the cast of the “Survivor” series. Why? Because all they have to do to stay alive, is to find a coconut tree. Confidently, they say, “As long as there’s a coconut, I will survive”.

This is because the coconut fruit gives you drinking water and meat to eat. Besides these benefits that could stand the test of time, many uses were extracted not only from its fruit but also its tree and leaves. But why of all fruits, this one appears to be something special? That every time you peel it off of its husk, there’s a part that appears to look like a face with two eyes and a mouth?

As I visited Sava’i, Samoa, my in-laws and my husband showed me so many beautiful sceneries. It was a long drive from the pier towards the part of the big island where their family is at. So I had a good view of the island’s coastlines, beaches and long roads. The one that intrigued me the most was a pool that looked like huge eyes separated by rocks from the sea. Then they mentioned about the myth why such pools existed.

That separate pool where my husband is going is actually a fresh water pool.


I always love it when my husband tells me myths of origins most especially of Polynesia. They have interesting characters and it always involves animals and natural phenomenon taking place. So the pools that looked like glistening eyes was thought to the eel’s eyes looking for its friend Sina. Watch this on how the story unfolds and leads to us enjoying the benefits of a coconut tree.

If ever the video restricts you from viewing it from this website, it’s in YouTube and is worth watching. Have a good #LaidbackTuesday!


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