WAHTIKI Island Lounge

Experience a taste of Polynesia’s fresh tropical cocktails, beautiful laes, grass skirts and luscious delicacies here in Hong Kong at the newly opened WAHTIKI Island Lounge Bar!

After watching “Moana”, the culture of the islands had been much of an interest to the world. Philip Lee, being a successful businessman that he is, had chosen a great date for the launching that it worked side by side perfectly with the movie when it came out.

Last January, the Polynesian islands: Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti and Fiji, to name a few, was hailed by the experience offered at WAHtiki Island Lounge Bar. Here are 10 reasons why you should go here not just on weekends but also on weekdays!

Ma Tai Drink
  1. Central district brings yet another exciting bar and restaurant for you night owls out there who wants to experience a breather with a drink at hand. Make that happen with WAHtiki’s famous Ma Tai drink which is a mixture of a selection of rums, a house-blended orgeat syrup (the original recipe inspired by Trader Vic’s), plus a squeeze of lime. Every Monday, Mai Tai can be availed for two with a price of one!
  2. Mai Tai’s history had gone a long way from second world war involving traders, chieves. During the years that the survivors were trying to forget the war’s aftermath, a fantasy of a tropical escape flirted with their minds. Hence, the birth of Tiki Lounges. And so, if you would visit WAHtiki at the 3rd floor of the Seabird House, you would see its interior aiming to exude the same vibe, this time, for the busy Hongkies. These bars that served as escapes were pioneered by Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s according to Lifestyle magazine.

    Notice the windows of Wahtiki are decorated with the greens that gives you the vibe of an exotic escape.

  3. The owner of WAHTiki, Phillip Lee,  which had named the lounge after his father, Wah Lee, worked in Trader Vic’s for 45 years according to an article in Lifestyle Asia. Wah Lee helped Trader Vic’s to open across Europe and Middle East. This one in Hong Kong was put up by Phillip in honour of his father with Wah’s hard work in bringing these exotic flavoured cocktails to satisfy the palates of the curious Southeast Asians. That’s why, the name WAHtiki itself is original and unique as compared to the Mahalo Tiki Lounge of Wan Chai (“mahalo” meaning “Thank you” in Hawaiian language) and Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge (“honi” meaning “kiss” in Hawaiian language) in Central. Its meaning is deep and its roots track back to how Polynesian bars got its way to the country.

    Phillip Lee welcoming the guests during its Grand Opening Night last January, 2017
  4. With Wah’s veteran skills earned at Trader Vic’s back at Hilton Hotel in Hawaii, the secret in his Mai Tai mixture was passed on to WAHtiki’s bar tender. His special mix does not have the usual taste of a pineapple syrup but the kick of the rum combined with the tangy taste of lime gives it a soothing refreshing feel which every cocktail fan strives to hold onto at every gulp. How it goes with the icy cool fruity flavour makes it an unforgettable experience.

    The WAHtiki bar tenders were trained after Wah himself and was shared of his expertise as the master himself of cocktail mixing.
  5. In addition to Mai Tai, one signature drink that is worth trying as well would be WHY YES which has double the alcohol content as compared to all of Central’s cocktail mix for just a price of HK$160. (This and the rest of WAHtiki’s cocktail drinks have that strong kick for such price.) For those who are not fans of rum, you might fancy this pretty drink who was named after the celebrity wife of Phillip, Myolie Wu Hang-yee, decorated with a hibiscus flower on top.

    Why Yes – a drink named after Phillip Lee’s wife, the famous actress, Myolie Wu Hang-yee.
  6. The drinks match the food it offers. Coconut, pineapple and barbecue – these are pretty much expected in an islander’s food. All of these were rolled into one plate with its chicken on skewers. There’s that and a variety of pork, seafood and beef.
    Coconut Chicken Kabob marinated in coconut milk, grilled skewers of chicken, with pineapples and cherry tomatoes served over a bed of parsley pesto rice.
    Honey Glazed Pork Shoulder marinated with the special house mix to bring familiarity to the exotic tongue.
    Braised Tender Pork Belly with star anise. Sprewed up with stewed apples and rice.
    Pupu platter comes with an assortment of delicious appetisers. Perfect for sharing or trying a bit of everything. Check our menu for reference!

    A simple dish of roasted chicken where huge ones are actually used for feasts in Polynesia. To accustom it to the modern WAHtiki, this serves 2 with the size per order.


  7. What is a night out without good music and a dance floor? Yes, they have it! Join in by cheering them with a loud “Chee-hoo!”

    Polynesians sharing their cultural dance and tattoos!
  8. WAHtiki has a good venue for private birthday parties and exclusive events. It can prepare an exclusive champagne canoe depending on the number of guests you have (can cater to until 40 people). For only HK$1280 per canoe, you will enjoy tropical fruits and rum.

    One whole Champagne Canoe for you and your friends to enjoy at WAHtiki!
  9. WAHtiki instantly brings you to paradise with laes for you to wear. Get one as you enter and go behind this huge canoe, an area for a photo opportunity, to document your visit that is more than instagram worthy. Notice that the back drop is actually signed by celebrities who helped open up this cocktail bar. Fancy!

    The canoe designed and filled with tropical fruits, lovely laes, champagne and rum for your instagram shot for the night.
  10. Get familiar with the Polynesian culture as you meet Polynesians who occasionally visit the place. Start by simply greeting Samoans with a “Malo!”, meaning “Hello!” in their native tongue and “Bula Venaka!” for the Fijians!

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