This is my copy signed by Gary Vee himself when I attended his closing note at the RISE Conference held in Hong Kong, July 2017

GARY VAYNERCHUK is a Russian born entrepreneur whose expertise on social networking had given life to Vaynermedia. His time as a businessman had escalated when he joined their family business when he was 14.


This is what Gary Vaynerchuk is known for by the Fortune 500 Companies that’s why they are comfortable to employ him for their respective advertising campaigns.

Social networking had extended its power into the business world. The eyes of the people are now turned to their mobile phones almost 24/7. Not just because they want to be updated of their former colleagues, distant families or ex-whatevers!!!! But because it had become more than that, it had become a way of life.

When Steve Jobs intended to create something that will enable a person control his life with a device on the palm of his hand, he knew the business idea was more than that.

Fast forward as to how iPhones, smartphones and android phones had transformed us into “living” efficiently, it gave birth to a lot of start-up companies, online education about just anything, cryptocurrencies and most of all, global consumerism without having to stand up from where you are seating down. With the help of the internet being the breakthrough invention man had come up with during the 20th century, every information seems accessible. Every product seems available.

Gary Vaynerchuk with a net worth of US$160 million started as a wine critique.

With his dad’s liquor company, he learned so many things. He had to try everything to keep it afloat. He changed the company’s name to Wine Library. Then it was where he took the liberty of putting up a video of him tasting kinds of wine that they sell everyday in YouTube. Combined with e-mail marketing, in which we all know how Flintstones age was internet back then, he grew the business from being a US$4 million company in 1999, into a US$60 million worth in 2005.

How did he do it?

Basically, he had to allot 18 hours every day to make this happen. He sacrificed Saturday nights by staying at home, producing a video of him drinking wine with a white wall for a backdrop. He had no special lighting. Videography was shit and most of all, it was not scripted. But what made it thrive is the honesty that came out from it. With the simple niche dedicated to wines, Vaynerchuk was able to gather followers through it.

And then an epiphany of the future dawned on him. He understood that YouTube is a very powerful tool to reach people from all over the world. As he worked on the videos everyday, internet was gaining more and more users. Social platforms sporadically made their presence. Eventually, Facebook came out. Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, Snapchat and everything else. Before they established their businesses, Gary understood many realisations. One is that TV would be phased out and that YouTube would be the next television for all. And ain’t that happening now in less than 10 years from 2005?


Just as what I mentioned earlier, the people’s eyes are on their mobile phones “all the time”. You need to keep up with what their minds are demanding to see. With the hope that you would be able to transform spectators into becoming consumers, get educated about how each jab should be done before you land the right hook. 

If you are planning to create presence in building your brand or business, invest on this book. This is one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s New York Times Bestselling books. It talks about all the social platforms he used and advertised on. He gives the most famous ones’ background, number of users daily (or even per second) and the advantage that it could give your brand.

Available at Amazon, have it in audio or have this whole pack of boxing kit to successful business with the use of social media right at your doorstep.


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