What are the kinds of Pole Saw?

Before diving right away into knowing the kinds of pole saw, let’s define what pole saw is, first.

To understand simply, a pole saw is a chain saw at the end of a pole. There are stubborn tree branches that are too far or too small to climb onto just to get trimmed. So, to ensure safety, a pole saw may become handy.

Exercise routines that you did for the whole week need a breather. You need a breather. But it kills you to think that a week had gone by without work because of the coronavirus pandemic. But it is what it is. Staying home had become mandatory. So what to do?

Well, why not make a project out of your own backyard? You can start by trimming your trees.

While chain saws may be used for cutting and trimming, it mainly deals with huge trunks and sturdier bases of trees. Pole saw, on the other hand, is more on trimming, brush clearing and pruning.

As the name suggests, its purpose is to cut those that are too far to reach. But how do you find the right pole saw?

What are the kinds of pole saw?

Power resource categorizes the kinds of pole saw.

1.     Gas – Gas-powered pole saws are the sturdiest and the heaviest. And since it is also the most heavy-duty and most efficient, professional landscapers choose this more above all else.

gas pole saw
A sample of a gas pole saw that can be purchased online such as Home Depot.

2.     Electric – This type involves electricity. While connected to a cord plugged to the main switch, therefore, the range where you can go with it is limited. It does its job otherwise.

  • Corded – advisable to get if you own an average-sized yard that needs to cut one or two trees per month only. It could be limiting because of the corded.
  • Cordless– operates on a rechargeable battery pack which comes with a limited amount of charge. Meaning, the battery wears down quickly when it is used in extended periods. Often, they come less powerful than the corded models but not always.

3.     Manual – The user simply had to hold the pole to do the sawing of branches by hand. You may find the design and built primitive, where a basic pole is attached to a long pole with a curved hacksaw blade bearing longer teeth. The pole extends to different lengths when needed which makes it favourable when cutting wooden branches. A manual model is much prefered when more control is required, such as when pruning. It had always been the most reliable of all models that’s why it remains as used and much preferred until today. For sure, every professional arborist has a manual pole saw.

Some manual models even have additional clippers at the end which is quick to make cuts on smaller limbs if needed.

4.     Hydraulic – This the kind that uses hydraulic pressure for heavy-duty operation such as recovering trees from natural disasters.

Now, why is knowing all of these imperative to know what to buy? Because this background information may help you find what is the best pole saw for your project.

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