Groove with OOV clothing while on a lockdown

wearing OOV for auditions
wearing OOV’s Sleek Collection in black.

Groove with OOV through that Zumba, barre, or circuit training routine at home!

As OOV Clothing released its pilot collection, I am beyond grateful for coming across it right before auditions.

It holds your body in all the right places, with a bonus of giving you that fabulous feel of flaunting your curves. For a friendly price, you get million-dollar confidence in reaching the goals of staying fit, healthy, and comfortable with your own body built.

Quality-designed activewear facilitates the body at work, allowing it to breathe and sweat. Its durability, flexibility, and design should be in line with a wearer’s active lifestyle and preference. OOV Clothing aims to bring this feeling of comfort and protection.

What is it made of?

The three most essential fabrics that most activewear had been using for a long time make the OOV clothing. To understand what these three are and how they actually perform, here are some of their properties and what is capable of doing.

  1. Polyester is a commonly used material in sportswear that it is called the workhorse of workout fabrics. Almost every tag of a known label proudly shows off that they are made of polyester. If it gives every garment a top-quality performance, why not? To top it off, it is it light-weight, durable, and long-lasting. It has a breathable feel and it stays wrinkle-free during your entire workout. As it is a material made up of plastic fibres, it is non-absorbent in nature. This helps the moisture evaporate from your body keeping sweat off your body allowing it to dry on its own. Also, Polyester got insulating properties making it the best choice when dealing with hot and cold weather. It has the capacity to repel UV rays as it does so.
  2. Spandex material is capable of getting stretched 100 times more than its original form. This makes the clothes agile and comfortable while the wearer is at its full performance. Dance labels and anything related to it such as figure skating, gymnastics, synchronized swimming, and many more would need their garments made of this because of its stretching capacity. Since Spandex material allows your body to breathe while at work because of its quick-drying capabilities, it becomes the most favourite material for sportswear.
  3. We know that Nylon withstands heavy workouts. That’s why it remains to be the best material for activewear. While you could credit its breathable fabric that wicks moisture almost instantly, its synthetic material is soft, making it handy and light-weight.

All these three compose OOV making it one of the best products in the market. So whether it’s for your casual walk, HIIT workout, yoga, or dancing, it certainly provides you with the liberty of finding your balance with assured protection of the core.

To whom does OOV cater to?

This photo was taken at the Strawberry Farm while I was wearing my OOV leggings. It was a cold day then and guess what! It was enough to keep my legs warm and protected.

The unleashed collections cater to the strong feminine souls. With proactive Paola Kagaoan, its ultimate ‘fit’spiration for its design and manufacture, its mission of spreading positivity goes extensive. You need not be a certain yogi, nor should you be an athlete to wear OOV. Anybody can wear this wonderful piece of activewear.

To that, OOV aims to make any wearer feel good about themselves. It combines quality, comfort, and style in manufacturing its products. When you feel good about yourself, good things will flow from your doing. Ultimately, that’s satisfying OOV’s mission of spreading positivity.

What do the collections stand up for?

Each collection was named after interesting words that suggests how the wearer would feel when wearing them.

You would see design made up of camouflage fabrics which compose their Power Collection. It aims you to carry a sense of strength, confidence like no other, and that courage to go out of the ordinary.

Their Snug Collection flaunts the wearer’s curves with its snug and secure long sleeves top and matching leggings. Strut with that to-die-for silhouette in daring grey and magenta. 

Flow follows an ombre look that takes you from one gradient to another. This respects and reflects the way women adapt, the way it is capable of its own growth and that of another through pregnancy, and most of all, the way you see yourself.

The body of a woman goes through wonderful physical changes beginning from when she was young embodying potential, energy, and drive. As it transcends to producing an offspring until she gets back to her pre-pregnant self once again, it goes through a transformation. Along this journey, I attest that OOV clothing is a good companion.

At 7 months post-partum, OOV clothing gets me back to my hard-working self.

Giving birth Caesarean, OOV’s seamless design aided me into embracing a new bodily potential. It made me think, “Alright, I have fulfilled the purpose of my female body in being a mom. I realized that it’s time for me to make new goals for myself. It’s time for me to write the map into becoming somebody beyond imagination.

And probably, let go of things that don’t work for me anymore and aim for something liberating and fun.” It may be too much to consider that OOV was the only motivator for this thought. But the truth is, my OOV leggings made wonders. It made me feel sexy and empowered that drove me into setting new goals. It made me feel unstoppable.

Glam, OOV’s best-seller, introduces an array of natural tones that allows a woman’s natural glow to come out. It’s exemplary to see that the brand embraces universality, respectful of one’s race, opinion, and belief. Achieve your unique journey in obtaining optimum health through the Glam Collection.

There’s still a lot to choose from as you aspire for versatility, fashion, and efficiency.

Bliss features a cropped top with cycling pants that falls mid-thigh for those who prefer this design.

Boost top and leggings are what I got. It’s available in black, pink, and blue-grey. I can’t wait to indulge more.

Moving on to the designs of the Fab Collection, it surely knows how to live up to its name. With a cut that surely highlights one’s lovely contours, the name just cuts right en pointe.

The Sleek Collection is for those who like the basics while the Swift Leggings give you that oomph because of its cool knee-high style. While you’re in the heat of the grind, stay inspired in pushing yourself to the max as these leggings emphasize your body’s flexibility and fluidity. 

Try and get yours

Don’t wait too long to log in to to check more of these wonderful garments and to place your orders. They are giving a discount for first-timers as you sign up for their newsletter or become a member. My personal recommendation on this is without a doubt, 5 stars out of 5. Colleagues who have their own OOV garments wouldn’t disagree, I am sure of that. Considering its price, it’s more than worth it too.

What are you waiting for? Feel good, with OOV! And while you are on it, here are ways on how to be consistent with your lockdown routine and an affordable and easy smoothie fix recipe for you to try after that draining CrossFit exercise afterwards.


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