JEFFREY ROGADOR receives the Silver Stevie Award

We all know Filipinos for their versatility, hard work and talent. As a performer himself during his younger years, Jeffrey Rogador made these attributes surface in his work. It earned him the 2019 Asia Pacific Silver Stevie Award for Innovation in Entertainment Events.

Jeffrey Rogador


  • The Asia Pacific Stevie Award is to honor international businesses. The focus of the awards is on recognizing innovation in all its forms.

  • The recognition is open to 29 nations of the Asia-Pacific Region.

  • Jeffrey Rogador was awarded this as he launched the second cycle of his collection called Manila Streetwear at SM North Edsa for the 2019 Philippine Independence Day.

  • This show flaunted an Army of the real people representing Manila. Real, vibrant, congested yet relaxed. The go-see audition for this show was opened to people from all walks of life.

Discovery Primea, Makati unleashed the confident and vibrant collection last November 24, 2018 In collaboration with Runway Productions.

Late last year, Mr. Jeffrey Rogador himself invited me to see a private preview of his collection that was truly playful and fun. Tantalizing in the eyes with the cool and vibrant colors he sprinkled the line up with. It was shaped to perfection with how breathable they all looked while it fitted perfectly leaving the silhouette slender, sexy and active. Let’s take a glimpse of this 2019 Spring/Summer Collection!

Music and Motion
Notice the natural upbeat in his designs keeping its versatility and breathable edge.
This look of funky and edgy vibrates youthful dynamic energy.
These are getups that you can actually flaunt in school, outdoors or at the gym.
Jackets and layers still made an appeal to make the Spring look/collection one of a kind.


Jeffrey Rogador continuously represents Philippines through his love for designing clothes.

His vision and talent surfaced in 2004 when he became one of the finalists to complete MEGA Magazine’s Young Designer Competition. He rose from then, as somebody whose designs required a second look. Ever since, he became one of the A-lister designers of the Philippines dressing up socialites and celebrities.

Since 2007, two collections were showcased as part of the featured line-ups at the Philippine Fashion Week every year. But the greatest break came in 2012 when he was recognized and awarded internationally as the best in designing jeans at a competition called Jeansensastion 2 held in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Around the same time, he launched his own Jeans Design, called  JPOY 5678 Jeans. It was an honor to have been part of that.

A pop up fashion show at the Embassy Club at the Fort.

Rogador’s background includes taking up Fine Arts in College and training as a Fashion Designer at the Fashion Institute. His designs had stood out and had caught the attention of the brothers. Joey and Audie Espino, the gods of Philippine Fashion and Runway Productions. They supported his fondness for patterning his vision to what Philippines is all about. Most especially, Manila. It is crowded, busy, alive and drives everybody to hustle. 


His Music and Motion inspired Spring/Summer collection may have passed the seasons of the Philippines. But here in Hong Kong, it’s yet to begin. Although not having the same range of humidity, the collection is all about summer hues that will play with you senses. Observing closely, little ragged patterns that represent sounds give it the umph it needs.

Spring/Summer Collection 2019 by Jeffrey Rogador.

My 2019 collection focuses on emotions… feelings… of people from different things. 

“Congestion”, the 2018 collection that inspires this 2019 line up spoke of the heat, adrenalin, anger, excitement, and happiness that usually results from Manila’s heavy traffic.

And now for this season, it’s about the emotions and feelings derived, taken or released from music creators, song writers, singers, etc. The origin and the product when you listen to their music and songs.”

— Jeffrey Rogador


Jeffrey Rogador did numerous runway projects yet the most remarkable ones are the following:

The yearly Philippine Fashion Week Feature Line Ups started every major participation of Jeffrey’s collection in the field of ramp modeling. Then Levi’s Jeans chose Jeffrey as an ambassador. MEGA Magazine’s Young Designer Competition called him back as a mentor after that. And the designer he actually guided through the competition won! There was also the conceptualization of an adaptive design for McJim Leather Collection. 

Not to mention, his world-class talent had Richard Alston Dance Company rehire him for its production, Detour, as the costume designer. For them it’s Jeffrey’s design that could give justice to the frenzied duos and trios that the company will be forming. It performed its first show at the Festival Theatre of Edinburgh in September, 2018 with the full support of the Festival Theatre. 

It indeed helped Jeffrey design these contemporary urban outfits dancer friendly because he knows how a dancer needs flexible garments to execute a move.

Lastly, just last June 12, Jeffrey Rogador had sent 60 people of different ages, races and gender off to the ramp with his street fashion collection to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day. In collaboration with SM North Edsa, the second time around, his advocacy called “INCLUSION” which represents his idea of fashion for all propagates strongly.

The same month involved Rogador’s design with the company making Barbie dolls. They were to consider the Filipina Beauty and Philippine sense of fashion in making their products. And he was chosen to be one of the designers of the clothes for her to be featured in.

Probably because Catriona Gray won Miss Universe this year. But I guess it’s about time the dolls make more colored dolls to promote equality.


I will always have an eye for Filipino talents to feature. They represent our country becoming more open and versatile than ever. And needless to say, extraordinary.

I share Kuya Jepoy story every so proudly, who was a senior to us during Salinggawi Dance Troupe years. 

Somehow, in the Philippines, coming also from the same alma mater, makes us instantly bonded for life. University of Santo Tomas to be exact. So much respect for the humility of this person. I saw no change in him except the beautiful progress his designs had taken. From how he started, he’s down-to-earth attributes remained intact and flawless. More power to you Jeffrey Rogador!!!!


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