Polynesian collaboration is beautiful in all ways. Here is a project put together for the sake of being counted in the census. It may be a little over the top but I love it that way.

Commissioned by the US census, this music video, the Polynesians’ rendition of ‘This Is Me’ is a shoutout to all Polynesians to be counted in the 2020 Census. As I watched the video, it’s not just about that but it tells a story about the culture so rich, that it still exists intact after all these years. Kudos to the producer of the video, Dawn Kaniaupio who had been doing similar projects since 2013. And also a huge round of applause to its Director of Photography, Ruben Carrillo.


While this song speaks of a strong message already, injected performances such as the slap dance, the Hawaiian dance and the tandem of the men singing in pairs were truly amazing. Hands up to the inserts of different shooting locations too. with the Golden Gate bridge for a background, the famous train station that you see in movies countless times, not to mention, the La ie Pointe, and the Statue of Liberty. Just please see the video right here, right now.


They had to carry a 1,000-lb. piano in the dark to the sandbar, to shoot the first scene right on sunrise. They have used some amateur talents that never had an experience being in front of the camera before. And to make this music video work, it was planned to be shot outside Hawaii since many Polynesians are making a living out of the islands.

Beautiful work. It’s been a long time I shared something breathtaking with my #laidbackTuesday. On behalf of my better half and my kids, I share this with you. Much alofas.


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