Adam Lopez (extreme left), owns the record of who has the highest vocals among men. According to the Guinness Book or World Records, he reached C-sharp in the 8th octave. That note is so high, it does not even have a place in the piano anymore.

Being a singer is one of the highest-paying jobs that last long-term. When God bestowed the gift of tongues, singers or vocalists received it on an octave higher.

We understand that for someone to be in the limelight, he or she has to have talent. But it can easily be compromised if one doesn’t have the will to succeed. Attitude matters. Attitude on how you choose the habits to develop, attitude when collaborating with co-artists and attitude when the breaking point comes.

Artists like Lea Salonga, who started her singing career since she was 7. She had maintained her voice until 40 years after, still participating in the Broadway revival of Once on this Island up to present as one of its leading singers. Regine Velasquez knew she wanted to be a singer when she was six. Her siblings finished school with her help being in the business. She came from a very poor family Timeless celebrities have remained immortal after passing because of the golden voice they got like Whitney Houston, Pavarotti and Selena. How did they have such vocal power?

One thing remarkable about singers though is the range they have. The sound they create makes them distinct from each other. Learning as they perform again and again enhances the experience they have. Although great efforts vary from one singer to another, their expression matter. The way they reach their audience’s heart remains a mysterious art. For its smooth delivery and the sustenance of its power, “everybody” and I mean “everybody” owes it all to the importance of doing vocal warm-ups.

Vocal warm-ups!

While we understand the importance of warming up and stretching amongst athletes and dancers due to their job nature involving great physical strength, vocalists apparently do need to have vocal warm-ups too.

Vocalists emit great power from their voice boxes and vocal chords that involve a special set of muscles around the neck. These specific muscles at work emit energy and are pushed to deliver to its greatest potential. Like any other muscle group, this amount of energy that needs to be sustained for long-term needs proper warm-up exercises.

If you are an aspiring vocalist, you have to know that warming up your voice box (and giving it a proper cool-down) prevents the vocal chords from getting damaged. It’s not just necessary for preparation alone but also for you to be able to keep it in good condition, not developing any nodules in the long run. It may get strained if you fail to loosen up the muscles of the throat.

That being said, here is a simple yet efficient vocal warm-up that you can start with.

If you feel any discomfort along the way, do take the necessary precautions. Stop, if you must and take it easy. there’s 3 parts of this singing lessons. These exercises help you loosen up your throat muscles for the sound to come out freely. It helps open up your chest. It stretches your vocal range and helps you exercise your diaphragm at every expansion necessary to hit a note.

May you be inspired to share this post to those who need it. Who knows? This small act of sharing may help them reach their dreams.


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