These hot days of summer make you crave for that charcoal flavour with refreshing, surprising herbs in a roast. With a choice of the sauce or gravy to go with it and a matching glass of wine, life is perfect! At least for a good 45 minute lunch break. I had one at URBAN CITY DINER in Tung Chung and here goes the review!

1/2 Roasted Rotisserie Chicken straight from the slow cooker

Citygate outlets had done a lot of renovations and one of the many promised changes was to cater to most of the Western preference Citygate Outlets had been earning lately because of increased migrants of expats in the Tung Chung area. Hence, the birth of Urban City Hong Kong.

Ambiance has a very rustic approach on its interior but the aroma of the roasted chicken combined with that of the croissant that Urban City will make your nose submit to it subconsciously. The combination of both scents balances the vibe in Urban. Rustic, industrial yet homey. Blame it on the home-made bread! It is actually a European-style bakery that follows a principle of a “bake-and-take” keeping up with Hong Kong’s fast paced lifestyle.


Here are different “croissandwiches” made fresh and was served of right proportion.

The price of each croissandwhich¬†(croissant made into a sandwich) varies with the filling they have but I’d say it is worth it.

I was there for their lunch set that included a lobster bisque soup for a starter. Food wise, I give it a 4 out of 5. Their slow-cooked rotisserie style chicken was marinated from the inside with a wide array of herbs. It needed a bit more of salt but the gravy zested the dish up. The chicken meat, specifically the breast, was very juicy and tender. Originally, rotisserie style chicken should be covered entirely with butter so that the paprika and the herbs would adhere to the chicken evenly perfect. This usually gives the chicken a golden brown outcome but as I carved into my 1/2 chicken singling out the thigh part, the legs, the wings and the breast from the rest of the neck and back, it was kind of white so I suppose, they didn’t put that much. This is perfect for those who wants to skip the oil. To those who kind of savors their slow-cooked chicken by dressing it up with the oozing oil to keep the chicken juicy, it’s alright because they keep the meat from tasting too dry by keeping it cooked in like a medium well finish. The lunch set came with fries but I didn’t have space for that anymore. Thyme had made me grade everything 4 out of 5 because it felt like there was too much of it that I smelled it in my burp. It kind of gave me a post traumatic syndrome with the next viand that got thyme in it after that.

Thank God for the red Merlot I ordered. It helped in washing it down. The deserts were irresistible but like I said, I had no space for it anymore.

It may look small here but these treats are quite flavourful and you need not a bigger serving than this according to a reliable source.
You may also order different kinds of cakes from them and their flavours are quite interesting.

As I headed out, I chose from these and had 2 butter croissants to go. I had a hard time choosing from these because I thought they were all calling me.

Croissant fest in here because they have different kinds: Chocolate Croissant, Walnut Croissant, Butter Croissant, Wheat Croissant and many more.

I have emphasised an industrial outlook starting off with their counter.

Notice the ceiling that it goes with too.

At where the tables are placed, they have these:

I find this laid back and cool. What more to real bikers!

There are outdoor functional tables.

Yes, the stationary bikes can be occupied as another seating arrangement for soloists.

And there are these formal looking ones for those who would love an intimate seating arrangement.

It’s quite interesting how the name is engraved on the table. Makes it not stable for the drinks but if just to eat the sandwiches on a plate, it’s quite alright and makes it instagrammable.

I was convinced the whole time that Urban City was quite a good feature as to where to eat in Tung Chung because of the food, the location, the comfort it gives. But the next big thing happened and it made me smile.

What can you say about this???

This is a humorous marketing strategy and it made me grin. I was waiting to pay the bill and was looking for the tissue to wipe my mouth clean and this is what I saw. And I thought, “What an idea!” So kudos to the one who had thought of this.

The total of my bill was HK$200++. It’s safe to say if you’re going to try Urban City, prepare HK$200-HK$300/person. AE, Visa and MasterCard may be used.

Contact Number: (852) 2501 0389

Opening hours: 730am to 11pm

Located at Hong Kong’s biggest outlet mall, Citygate Outlet in Tung Chung lies Urban City Hong Kong at the GF beside Starbucks. For its exact location in the mall, click here! It brings you right to it if you’ll take Exit B from the Tung Chung MTR Station.

You are assured of good food at a fair price and a good time.

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