Social media greatly contributes to this generation’s cluelessness on serendipity, confrontation and identity. As of June 2017, 51% of the world has internet access. And it’s more than half of the world expecting a like or a share of what they recently posted.

Somehow, Black Mirror, a stand-alone drama series, had featured a mind-boggling story on how we rely so much on social network approval. It is sad that it touches the reality that in order to gain confidence or just to feel like we belong, we become ‘people-pleasers’. And so, we tend to project somebody else each time. Just so we would be “liked”.


How much of our identity have we given away through daily status updates? How much of ourselves are disclosed to complete “About” of our social profiles? And how good are we in dealing with confrontation without having to throw stones online via sarcastic posts?

Here are some of the questions that Phil D, a singer, song-writer, composer and producer had ¬†been pondering on. As he breaks free from the stressful dictatorship of social media, he dedicates his latest extended play, entitled “Tired” to all of you who have the same queries. Available in Spotify and iTunes, here is what Tired EP is all about.

All of us have battles to fight. So many people go through depression finding no way out. This inspired Phil D to concretise his own struggles into “Tired” as he felt humbled in the process. Going through a lot of questions in his mind mostly about ‘where does your virtual self stand in the IDEA of you’.¬†Because for the longest time, he had always been committed to ideas of forgiveness and optimism. And in finding yourself, you tend to forget who you are amidst the struggle to stay afloat and relevant.

What’s great about music (the one thing Phil is most passionate about) is that it allows expression of the deepest emotions we have inside, put into something beautiful. Every beat, every lyric is woven together to tell, to give an impact and to touch other people’s lives.

“As I wrote these songs, I have shed a tear or two thinking back on what caused me penning these very words. I struggled singing my own words back to myself but when I finally came around to it, they brought me healing and perspective. To you reader, and soon listener, hope it will bring you some sort of closure and healing too.” – Phil D

Artist name on iTunes: Phil D Facebook: PhilD Music Instagram: @phil_dmusic EP release date: June 14


I have a deep regard for your time. It's when I write and cook that time becomes non-existent. I love learning and while you think I am the kind of lady who has a lot of things to say, just take it that I was sharing what I had learned with full impact over a cup of Joe.

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