An enthralling game between the rising Hong Kong Pacific Toa and the Tongan National Rugby League Team at the 2018 Redsip HKRL 9s Championship Final had put lots of rugby league spectators at the edge of their seats.

Hong Kong Pacific Toa 2018

From when Hong Kong welcomed rugby league despite its tight embrace on the familiar rugby union in 2015, it’s starting to make a name with how their games remain exciting and entertaining at the same time.

Speed, valiance and the camaraderie that buds after rugby’s natural bone-crushing display of affection is what makes it amazing. No gears, no pads, just pure strength and will at play. The teams, Hong Kong Pacific Toa and the Tongan National Rugby League team, both started the heated up finals with their traditional Pasefika Siva Tau (Toa) and Sipi Tau (Tonga). All of these elements can be seen in this historical game. Enjoy.

For more of Hong Kong Pacific Toa’s games, visit their website. Their most recent blog talks about their captain, Hogan Toomalatai, who’s also a representative for the Hong Kong International Rugby League Team, earning an award of being the “Man of the Match” for scoring a hat trick. It greatly helped Hong Kong Rugby League to earn its first victory for its first participation in an international tournament.

The most touching part of this final game of the Rugby League 9’s was the binding moment at the end. Where both teams kneel to say a prayer. Rugby League may all be about smashing and tackling but at the end of it all, they stay down to earth.



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