Are you ready to discover your hidden talent in juggling? How about challenging yourself to a high-flying aerial class? Always wanted to know how to dance with fire? Right before Summer ends, immerse yourself into the bizarre world of circus safely and productively.

What does the Hong Kong Circus do?

When it was founded in December of 2012, the Hong Kong Circus stood as the first in Hong Kong to offer a platform to local and international artists alike to hone their acrobat skills and talent further by developing local circus arts. Starting off from there, they get to introduce new and unique circus acts, giving regular classes and training and offer educated discipline and mastery to seal off the talent that would emerge. This way, challenges that would come to the beginners would not stop him from being encouraged to move further in terms of skill.

Margaret Ho, who had nurtured her calling to teach circus, together with her partner, Chris Leung along a talented and dedicated crew and seasonal artists that they invite, aim to share this beautiful learning experience to the Hong Kong community.

How did they start?

Margaret Ho was training for aerial silk dance under a teacher named, Danielle, who is from Canada and felt good after the class. She wished that she could share this simple yet wonderful experience to people and so, she did. Forming a non-profit organisation to channel out the good vibe started by sharing the idea to Danielle and a friend named Joe. With their encouragement, Margaret with her partner Chris, decided to dedicate themselves to creation and promotion of Performing Arts in their own home community.

What next?

After a series of interviews, shows and performances all over Hong Kong, they have come up with a week Hong Kong Circus series that will start from August 28 to September 3. Composed of live shows and workshops including a “Forest Circus Experience Workshop”, “Handstand Workshop” and an intensive photo shoot workshops (for those who’d like to find a career in covering acrobat, dancing and juggling skills in action).¬†They would also have interactive programs for the kids that would include one parent or one guardian in guiding the young ones into developing and rediscovering new physical skills.

But the Hong Kong Circus needs your help in funding. Their team would like to continue propagating good camaraderie, developing discipline and values from trainings that may also benefit in handling life situations and most of all, a disciplined outlet hailing arts for those who aim to better themselves. Whether it’s about living a healthy life, finishing simple tasks or dealing with life’s challenges, staying focused and training yourself meet a goal is one of the group’s mission.

There’s that much detail that I know now. If you’re interested to support their mission, click here. But just for a quick run down, your donation would be used for the following:

  1. Venue rental fee
  2. Aerial setup and installations
  3. Safety checks team
  4. Setup for the performances and venue
  5. Insurance
  6. Backstage salary

Although they are a non-profit organisation, they still need to include outside people in terms of affiliations and safety checks as these are beyond their group’s market.

Knowing where your donations go is somewhat relieving. If you are pro-arts and are living your life with purpose, help others find theirs.

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