Have a drink @ 11K sq. ft. above LKF at CE LA VI HK!

one of the best roof decks in Hong Kong

While indulging on a long weekend, Hong Kong had made way for Autumn slowly and surely. Through its traditions of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, my traditions of finding good hang-outs to enjoy the breeze comes to life as well. Adios to the summer breeze that ripened the apples as it transforms into the humid kind turning the same apples into ciders. While I have my personal favorites, Ce La Vi Hong Kong did not disappoint!

Ce La Vi Hong Kong
Credits to Melanie who had aided me with some information for this feature.

11,000 feet atop the California Tower, along D’Aguilar street, rests Ce La Vi Hong Kong. It occupies 3 floors to serve every Hongkie and its enthusiasts. Take a plunge on how their services seamlessly are adjoined together.

A restaurant with magnificent seating decor ready to cater a couple, a group of friends or just somebody who may find being solitary a reward from the busy lifestyle starts at the 24th floor. It offers great brunch deals that will surely be worthy of a plan. The club lounge is equally posh where a huge bar sits with a proud display of wines. I say, ‘classy, yet raunchy’. Lastly, the roof deck is the best place to be this Autumn because of the cool breeze.

My friend from London didn’t really know where to do his birthday. So, another friend whose a Hong Kong local suggested to have drinks at Ce La Vi. From all of my friends who had been here, they loved it. When I got the invite, I thought ‘perfect’. I can finally have my own experience of the tickling rumours I heard about the place.


There wasn’t really that much of an elbow-to-elbow competition at the bar because it wasn’t packed. For a Tuesday, I might have expected that a bit and polished the word “perfect” even more as I hit ‘going‘ to the FB invite. This allowed me and my friends to chat with no bugging music and a leeway in ordering our drinks. Very tidy, subtle cool music. Sadly, the roof deck though was sort of under repair because of the typhoon Mangkhut passing through Hong Kong with a huge blow. That being said, they had to close their bar service.


Alchemy plays at Ce La Vi Hong Kong. I love their passion in coming up with original drinks. My glass of Rose Pine was garnished with fresh rosemary that they grow right in a small pot by the beer dispenser. It faces the ordering people by the bar. It was quite unusual to witness this but that drink was amazing. I usually like a punch in my cocktail but that mix was just what I needed. Not too strong, and not at all bland. Kudos to the masters of the bar! I will try the other stuff next time! (Thank God, I didn’t just resort to wine that night! Otherwise, it’d be a shame!)

I won’t lie about the bartender who attended to us that he showed a bored face when we were figuring out what we wanted to order. No shame though because it was our first time and we didn’t want to be too hurried to end up just drinking whatever. In the end, he was alright. But he could have suggested something. He could be more accommodating.

Ce La Vi HK roof deck
Credits to Ce La Vi Hong Kong with this picture. This is how the bar service’s vibes should be at the roof top deck. I was kind of excited to see that but last night, when we went, it was closed because of the damages by the Super typhoon Mangkhut.


Certain events may require an entrance fee but for most nights, it’s free. Events are announced via their facebook page and their website. Follow them for the latest ones. Instagram features an array of exquisite photos of their events as well!

If you plan to have a cocktail wedding reception, or a brunch meeting overlooking Lan Kwai Fong, they are open for reservations. For a certain price, of course that may require advanced booking.

In general, drinks were quite pricey. But, I didn’t have hesitations on what I needed to taste because I know the originality alone and the freshness of it is worth it. Plus the exemplary vibe it gives, the energy it adds to the excitement knowing that Lan Kwai Fong is at your feet, is already a total package!

For what it’s worth, there are no sandals and shorts allowed. After 6pm, women are expected to dress up poshly while men are expected to bring it in long pants and no sandos!


Allow me to give you an accessible map for you to click on easily. I tell you, that building, as soon as you pass the 7-11 from exits D1 or D2 while heading up to Lan Kwai Fong, you wouldn’t miss the huge PURE sign. They share the same building!

Well that’s it folks. It’s up to you on how you’d get hold of the extraordinary experience. But I’d say, go for it!

a selfie while waiting for our rose pine mix to come up!



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